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Jamie Chung

Program Manager

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Create more compelling call to actions for your business using mobile-optimized Expanded Text Ads

We began inviting customers to pilot Expanded Text Ads with us back in August and we appreciate the overwhelming interest and feedback you’ve given to our team. Starting today, all advertisers worldwide will be able to begin creating more compelling ...

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Enable or Pause Multiple Campaigns, Ads, and Keywords on the Bing Ads Apps

We’ve made it easier to manage multiple campaigns at the same time by introducing bulk editing on the mobile apps. Previously, you were limited to pausing only one campaign or keyword at a time, and when you’re in a pinch, you know how time consuming...

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Expanded Text Ads now available for pilot to all Bing Ads customers

What are Expanded Text Ads? Expanded Text Ads is a new mobile-optimized ad format that enables your customers to craft longer ad copy and optimize their ad text to better engage with searchers before they click on their ads. Expanded Text Ads works s...

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Upgraded URLs now available in Bing Ads: An easier way to manage your tracking URLs

It can be a challenge to track campaign performance and understand how customers are reacting to your ads. Not only do you have a lot of performance metrics, but you also have a lot of campaigns, ads to manage to ensure you are effectively spending y...

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The Wait is Over: Bing Ads Editor for Mac beta is available today!

We want to provide the best experience possible wherever you are, whenever you need it. Bing Ads has complimentary experiences for you including the Web UI, Bing Ads V10 API, Bing Ads Editor for Windows and the mobile apps for iOS + Android. The bigg...

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