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David Salper

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Safety First: Bing Ads and Search User Protection

It’s important to us that your Yahoo Bing search experience not only delivers relevant and helpful results, but that you can peruse those results in confidence. For this reason, Bing Ads takes your search safety seriously. In conjunction with...

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Understanding "Approved Limited" in Your Bing Ads Campaigns

As Bing Ads continues to expand into different markets, the universe of potentially relevant traffic for you, our advertisers, increases. For instance, there are now 13 countries publishing ads for English-language campaigns – that’s a location...

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Approved Limited in Bing Ads: The Editor, The UI, and YOU

What Does “Approved Limited” Mean? I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Approved Limited may actually be good news. It means your item is already approved in at least one of your targeted markets. Approved Limited...

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Bing Ads Editorial Status: Approved Limited -- What It Is, What It Isn't and What You Can Do About It

You know about Location Targeting; you know it lets you target users that are either physically located in your target location areas, or that have intent to do business in your target location areas, or both. You know Location Targeting can bring...

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