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Microsoft Advertising provides intelligent solutions that empower you to deliver engaging, personalized experiences that value people. We're committed to your success, providing you with insights, technology and proven expertise to turn data into better-performing marketing campaigns.

Reach over half a billion people worldwide.

Create smarter customer journeys

Access in-depth audience understanding and marketplace insights to make more informed marketing decisions. Microsoft Advertising’s intelligent solutions use AI to understand people and their intent, and automated media optimization to save time, helping you deliver customized experiences that make every connection count.

Represent your brand at its best

Our solutions are guided by an uncompromising respect for user privacy and control, brand safety, data security and platform integrity, coupled with an unrelenting commitment to combating fraud. Microsoft Advertising runs on trust.

Grow your brand and business together

Microsoft Advertising means business success. We support businesses with solutions and expertise that go beyond advertising. Microsoft Advertising helps you turn your data into high-performing marketing solutions through advertising insights, data visualization, cloud, CRM, and AI-powered marketing services.

Reach your audience with Microsoft Advertising

  • 147 million monthly searches in India
    The Microsoft Search Network has 8.2% market share with 23 million unique searchers.

  • 15.8 billion monthly searches worldwide
    The Microsoft Search Network has 14.9% global market share.

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