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A: The Certified Professional program offers free training that can help you grow your business through better management and optimization of your Microsoft Advertising campaigns. By becoming an Certified Professional, you will build your resume, raise your corporate profile and market your new knowledge and digital advertising skills in Microsoft Advertising.
A: To get started, visit Microsoft Advertising training to view the free training materials. If you are interested in becoming an Certified Professional, you will need to sign up for the Certified Professional exam and achieve a passing score of at least 80%.
A: To retrieve your password, visit our Reset Password page.
A: Only current Microsoft Advertising customers can qualify to become an Certified Professional. We need Microsoft account information to get started. However, anyone can view the Microsoft Advertising training.
A: Confirm that you have entered your information correctly in all the required fields. If you continue to receive an error, please contact our support team.
A: The program is free to everyone. There is no fee or registration required for training or certification.
A: To achieve member status in the Certified Professional program, you must be an active Microsoft Advertising customer, and you must pass the certification exam.
A: The Certified Professional program will give you the training and resources you need to become a Microsoft Advertising user expert. As an Certified Professional, you will gain these benefits:
  • Get recognized as a Microsoft Advertising expert with an official member badge.
  • Be placed in the Certified Professional membership directory.
  • Enjoy updated profiles that include social media platforms and sharing sites.
  • Build your resume.
A: The Contact us page is where you can reach Microsoft Advertising Support for more information.


A: Though we recommend viewing all the training materials, it is not mandatory.
A: When you are done with the exam, click the “View My Results” button. That will take you to your dashboard for the Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional program. If you passed, you can print your certificate. You will also receive an email summary for your records.
A: The exam contains 100 questions.
A: If you do not pass the exam, you may retake the it at any time.
A: Your Certified Professional status is good for one year. Prior to expiration, you will receive notification to retake the exam.

Badge/membership directory

A: No. Once you’ve passed the program exam, you become an Certified Professional and enjoy all the benefits the program offers.
A: Inclusion in the directory promotes members’ Microsoft Advertising expertise — a valuable tool when optimizing clients’ advertising ROI. Colleagues and potential employers/employees will appreciate this added value.
A: You can view a list of official Certified Professionals in our Membership Directory.
A: While we encourage use of the Certified Professional badge, please refer to the badge usage guidelines for specific information about how and where you may do so.
A: The badge is nontransferable and only the assigned person/company may use it.
A: The Bing Partner Program is designed for Agencies, SMB Channel Partners and Technology partners. Benefits of the Bing Partner Program include brand association, directory listing, sales incentives, trainings and certifications, exclusive events and awards, technology enablement and account management.