Online fraud is a serious problem and often involves financial services. We provide these policies to help your ads meet approval and protect consumers and businesses from being victimized. In addition to these policies, advertisers who promote financial products and services must ensure they comply with all applicable local laws and regulatory requirements.

Restricted products and services

Advertising for the following products and services is not permitted:

  • Cash card advertising is not allowed.
  • Credit card advertising may be allowed if they meet the following requirements:
    • Both the ad title and the ad landing page must include one of the following warnings, displayed in traditional Chinese:
      • 謹慎理財,信用至上 (Prudent financial management earns notable credit), or
      • 謹慎理財,信用無價 (Prudent financial management earns priceless credit)
  • Cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency related products including, but not limited to initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency exchanges, and cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Non-regulated binary options (regulated binary options may be allowed with review).
  • Financial products or services designed to facilitate illegal purposes, e.g., to avoid applicable taxes, or money laundering.
  • Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, or other legally questionable business opportunities, particularly if returns on investment rely solely on adding participants to the scheme or the consumer must pay a subscription fee or buy a specific product to join, and the value proposition of doing so is undefined.

Approved example Approved

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Chain letters or the implication of bad fortune for non-participation is not allowed.
  • Chain letters or offerings that imply that non-participation might result in loss or bad fortune.
  • Solicitation of money from search users or fundraising activities unless for a registered charity or recognized organization.

Approved example Approved

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Disapproved exampleDisapproved

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Solicitation of funds is not allowed except by recognized charities/organizations.

Advertising for securities and financial products and services including funds, securities, pre-IPO securities, and futures are restricted as explained below:

  • Advertisers such as banks, securities firms, securities investment trust enterprise, and securities investment consulting enterprises must obtain government approval and any required business licenses for the products and services they sell or provide. The relevant approvals for establishment or concurrent engagement and business licenses must be provided to Microsoft.
  • Advertisements must comply with all relevant regulations and applicable self-regulatory Association rules, and cannot contain any falsehoods, deceptions, omissions, or any other improper information that might mislead consumers. Accordingly, advertisers must attach to their advertisements a declaration with the signature/stamp of their legal department’s head or the like responsible person, stating that the advertisers’ legal department or the like responsible department has reviewed the content of the ad and determined that the ad complies with the above-indicated legal requirements.

Advertising for future trust funds

Advertisers shall additionally provide documents to show 1) that they have complied with the relevant regulations and self-regulatory Association rules in declaring the content of advertisements to the relevant Association three business days before publication of the advertisement and 2) that the advertiser has received no objections to the content of the ad.

Advertising for personal loans

  • Personal loans are not required by law to be provided by banks only. However, if the advertiser is a bank, the content of the ad shall not indicate or imply that a debtor's total debt balance at all financial institutions can exceed by 22 times the debtor's average monthly income unless the loans are one of the following types:
    • Policy-based student loans.
    • Loans that are handled in accordance with the National Youth Commission's Regulations for Young Entrepreneurs and Regulations Governing Loans for Starting Micro-Businesses, which were promulgated by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
    • Policy-based youth overseas experience loans provided by the National Youth Commission.
    • Loans for micro-economic activities by indigenous peoples provided by the Council of Indigenous Peoples of the Executive Yuan.
    • Credits guarantee loans provided by the Agricultural Credit Guarantee.


Advertisers who promote financial products and services must ensure they comply with all applicable local laws and regulatory requirements.

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