To offer a safe and positive online experience for users, we cannot accept ads that contain or relate to certain content. This includes, but is not limited to, the content covered in the policies listed below. We reserve the right to reject or remove any ad, at our sole discretion and at any time.

These guidelines apply to Taiwan. Advertising for the following content, products, and services is either disallowed or subject to specific participation guidelines. .
  • Defamatory, slanderous, libelous or threatening content
  • Hate speech
  • Peer-to-peer file sharing
  • Political and religious content
  • Sensitive advertising
  • Suffering and violence
  • Unregulated user-generated content
  • Usenet

Defamatory, slanderous, libelous or threatening content

Advertising is not allowed if the ads, keywords or sites contain racial or religious epithets, advocate doing physical harm to people or their property, advocate against any individual, business (and/or its products) or group, or contain claims that appear unquestionably false.


Dissatisfied with Doe?
Sign the recall petition and be heard today!


Congressman John Doe!
Let’s take out John Doe today!


Inflammatory or slanderous language is not allowed. Neither is language that may imply violence.

Hate speech

Advertising that facilitates or promotes hate speech is not allowed, whether directed at an individual or a group. This includes any content intended to degrade, intimidate or incite violence or prejudicial action against a group of people based on their race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability or other differentiating factors.

Peer-to-peer file sharing

Advertising is not allowed for products or offerings that promote file sharing of copyrighted content, or where the primary intent is to provide software or platforms that enable file sharing of copyrighted content.


Free File Share Download!
Share your personal photos and
videos with friends here!


Use Contoso P2P Software!
Get any popular software and file
for free!


Unauthorized peer-to-peer file sharing of copyright-protected material is not allowed.

Political and religious content

Political advocacy is generally permitted. However, advertising must comply with all other Microsoft Advertising policies.

Disclaimer: Microsoft does not make judgments on an advertiser's opinions, and we accept issue advertisements that express divergent points of view. We do, however, reserve the right to require substantiation of factual claims made by an advertiser. Advertisements generally will be accepted if there is a basis for the claims and such claims fall within the bounds of reasonable debate.

Political advertisements for political candidates, political organizations and political initiatives are allowed; however:

  • Advertising that promotes extreme political or extreme religious agendas or any known associations with hate, criminal, or terrorist activities.
  • Advertising that uses texts or rituals of religion to ridicule or shock.
  • Advertising that exploits political agendas or uses "hot button" political issues for commercial use—to drive traffic, for example—is not allowed regardless of whether the advertiser has a political agenda.
  • Incendiary language on political issues. Ads or landing pages cannot include ridicule, derision, hate, or otherwise inappropriate language.
  • Advertising related to elections, election campaigns, or candidates published is not allowed on the day of the election. Advertisers may not publicize data relating to candidates or election surveys in any manner, or spread or comment or quote such information during the period from 10 days before the Election Day until the time that the polls close.


Do you know John Doe?
Find out about your candidate before you vote!


Senator Doe’s Secret!
John Doe has cult secrets!
Don’t vote for a loony!


Political ads must follow other Microsoft Advertising policies regarding defamatory, inflammatory or libelous content.
John Doe Needs You!
Patriots show your support for
Senator Doe here!
John Doe Needs You!
Bing supports Senator Doe
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The implication of Microsoft support for any political ad or endorsement is not allowed.

Advertising cannot exploit sensitive political or religious issues for commercial gain or promote extreme political or extreme religious agendas or any known associations with hate, criminal or terrorist activities.

Advertising that exploits political agendas, sensitive political issues or uses “hot button” political issues or names of prominent politicians for commercial non-authorized political campaign use — to drive traffic, for example — is not allowed regardless of whether the advertiser has a political agenda.

Sensitive advertising

Microsoft reserves the right to remove or limit advertising permanently or for a period time in response to a sensitive tragedy, disaster, death or high-profile news event. Particularly if advertising:

  • May appear to exploit events for commercial gain.
  • Might be considered inappropriate given events.
  • May affect user safety (for example a product recall).


Cruise Ship Vacation!
Explore the sea!
Just relax and enjoy.
keyword: cruise ship


Cruise Ship Vacation!

Explore the sea!
Just relax and enjoy.
keyword: cruise ship
(during time of sensitive event)


Advertisements should not appear to exploit sensitive events for commercial gain.

Suffering and violence

Advertising is not allowed that advocates, glorifies or promotes rape, torture, human cannibalism, human suffering or death, self-harm, violence against animals, or graphic or violent images, such as images showing blood or dismemberment.


Interested in Boxing?
Learn about proper fight
techniques and training now.


Looking for Fight Club?
Local blood sports! Find or start
Just relax and enjoy.
a Fight Club now!


Advertising is not allowed that advocates violence.


Ads related to international trade may be subject to government approval or other legal requirements. Ads related to Chinese goods, labor, service, or other matters, which have received appropriate government approval, are generally allowed; however, they may be subject to additional restrictions or requirements, including but not limited to the laws applicable to the specific goods, labor, and services, and/or other labeling or advertising requirements.
Advertising for the following is disallowed:

  • Soliciting individuals, corporations, organizations or other institutions from Taiwan to invest in China
  • Development projects and transactions regarding real estate in China
  • Professional services in China
  • Chinese goods, labor, service, or other items that are not permitted by government, or where such permission is later revoked
  • Any political propaganda for the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Anything that promotes the violation of law, public order, or good morals in the Taiwan market
Advertisers may be required to provide the appropriate government approvals or permits to verify the legality of ads submitted.

Unregulated user-generated content

Advertising is not allowed for user-generated content if Microsoft has reason to believe that such content might not be sufficiently regulated or moderated.


Advertising is not allowed for sites that offer access to Usenet newsgroups.