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Microsoft Retail Media for retailers

Create new high-margin revenue streams for your retail business by unlocking an omnichannel retail media program across onsite, offsite and in-store with Microsoft Retail Media* to capture ad revenue and more product sales.

Benefits of Microsoft Retail Media for retailers

Industry-leading technology and products

Unlock a customizable and secure omnichannel Retail Media program with the opportunities to leverage other Microsoft products powered by industry-leading AI and engineering horsepower that can deliver cutting-edge innovations fast.

Omnichannel ad solutions and measurement

Provide your advertisers with omnichannel ad solutions and attribution with closed-loop reporting that draw a direct line to sales and ROAS across onsite, offsite, and in-store channels so they can easily manage and optimize campaigns with meaningful insights, driving more revenue and product sales for you.

Robust advertising ecosystem

Go beyond retail media by tapping into a suite of ad products across search, social media, and connected TV. Expand your demand through partnerships with advertisers, agencies, and tool providers in the Microsoft advertising ecosystem.

Build a unified Microsoft Retail Media program

Microsoft Retail Media Onsite

Unlock revenue by blending in native product ads to your website and app so your advertisers can capture high-intent shoppers at the bottom of the funnel, thereby maximizing ad revenue and product sales for you while keeping an exceptional shopping experience for your shoppers.

Microsoft Retail Media Offsite

Enable your advertisers to leverage your first-party data to bring shoppers back from third-party properties, like social media, to your site and app.


Let your advertisers easily extend onsite product ads to Microsoft properties like Bing, spending through their unspent budgets, so you can capture more demand and ad revenue.

Microsoft Retail Media In-store (Pilot)

Drive incremental revenue lift in your physical retail stores by letting your advertisers reach shoppers who are not reachable online via a unified retail media platform with omnichannel measurement and reporting, thereby unlocking incremental product sales and ad revenue.


Innovate the store experience by partnering with Microsoft Retail Media to incorporate digital technology in your brick-and-mortar stores.

Microsoft Retail Media Network

Secure incremental budget sources and monetize more of your onsite inventory by connecting to thousands of advertisers in the Microsoft Advertising platform.


Increase onsite traffic, sales and Retail Media revenue by connecting with Microsoft Advertising’s unique audience to drive additional shoppers back to your site.

Proven Microsoft Retail Media success by the numbers


Faster ad response time

Compared to the major retail media competitors.1


Onsite ROAS

Average return on ad spend in the onsite ads across retail media programs at the maturing stage.1

5X - 7X

Network ROAS

Average return on ad spend across the campaigns in Microsoft Advertising Network for retail.1



In the Microsoft advertising ecosystem

Case study

A leading enterprise retailer doubled brand participation and revenue

A leading U.S.-based enterprise retailer measured 2X brand participation and revenue in their retail media program in the first six months after switching from using a competitor’s solution for 5 years to Microsoft Retail Media, as a result of ML-driven ad auctions, self-serviceable platform, and strategic demand activation.

Case study

Effective tools to accelerate your retail media growth

AI-powered ad creative solution

Empower your advertisers to design and generate compelling, high-quality banner creatives that resonate with shoppers in different markets at scale using generative AI. Train generative AI models with your unique requirements and review ad creatives seamlessly via a centralized dashboard to ensure brand consistency. Help advertisers improve campaign performance with AI, driving faster revenue growth for you.

Machine learning and AI-driven marketplace optimization

Leverage the full power of Microsoft’s advanced machine learning and AI to optimize your retail media marketplace, returning more relevant ads to your shoppers, creating a better shopping experience and campaign performance, thereby leading to more sales and program revenue.


Scale first-party data monetization securely

Capture more revenue from your valuable first-party shopper data by having your advertisers easily reach shoppers from onsite to offsite and from online to in-store with Microsoft Retail Media’s audience targeting and AI-powered Microsoft audience intelligence. Gain insights into how your shoppers engage with products and brands through their shopper journey via unified reporting and omnichannel attribution. More importantly, your first-party shopper data privacy are securely protected.

Highly customizable retail media solutions

Customize your retail media program with a white-labeled platform, tailor-made feature sets, easy-to-manage configurations, and bespoke AI models to meet your specific needs. This level of control enhances your brand consistency and builds trustworthy relationships with your advertisers.


Unlock your retail media program today

Frequently asked questions

Boost brand awareness and product sales by targeting first-party shoppers of key retailers across onsite, offsite and in-store using Microsoft Retail Media for brands.

Microsoft Retail Media is available internationally across key markets, including North America, South America, APAC, and EMEA. And our Microsoft Retail Media platform, products and services are localized to different languages, currency formats, number formats, time zones, etc., accessible to users in different countries and regions.

Check out more information on this page and contact us here to get more in-depth insights from our retail media professionals.

Yes, contact us via this form so we can connect you with the right retailer(s). And please visit Microsoft Retail Media for brands page to learn about our retail media offerings.

Please contact us here to learn which retail media advertising solution in our portfolio can best suit your needs.

Microsoft Retail Media prioritizes data privacy by implementing privacy-by-design in all products and features. We handle data with fairness and transparency, allowing users to control how their data is collected, used, and stored. Users can easily access our privacy terms and request data deletion at any time.

As a data processor, we only process first-party data permitted by our retail clients, complying with data regulations such as GDPR, so we do not use third-party cookies. Beyond the legal regulations, we do not create user profiles using retailers’ first-party data. But in turn, retailers can leverage Microsoft’s audience via our Offsite ad offering by activating Microsoft’s audience intelligence in addition to their first-party data.

[1] 2023 Microsoft Retail Media (powered by PromoteIQ) first-party data.
[*] Powered by PromoteIQ