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Earn more money from your site

Get more out of your site with high-quality, relevant ads.

If you're based outside of the US, join our waitlist to reserve a spot once international support becomes available.

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We'll only serve our ads if we predict a higher payment compared to other platforms.*

Who should get started?

Any small publisher or blog looking to build their audience and make it profitable through advertising. Sites focused on travel, entertainment, sports, food, finance, auto, community, news, telecom, and others. Anyone looking to monetize their site with an easy code-on-page solution. No revenue or volume minimums, and no cost to sign up.

Earn more

Serve ads that drive higher engagement and more revenue for you.

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Show beautiful ads

Engage your audience with impactful ads that complement your site experience.

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Save time

Leverage the simple set up and management, so you can focus on what you do best.

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We make earning money easier, so you can focus on creating great content

Choose the formats that work best for your site and appeal to your audience. Get the flexibility to control where ads show on the page and block content that doesn’t resonate with your audience.

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Grow with your audience

The more you attract an engaged audience, the more you monetize. And the more you monetize, the more you can invest in growing your audience.

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Get started easily

Start earning with minimal effort.


Get access

Access your account via a custom link (at no cost).


Set up your ads

Browse our templates and use them to create your ads.


Connect your site

Place one line of code on your page. It's easy and we’ll show you how to do it.

Start monetizing

We’re looking for businesses like yours to help you earn more in fewer steps.

If you're based outside of the US, join our waitlist to reserve a spot once international support becomes available.

Frequently asked questions

The price paid by advertisers is set by a real-time auction, so the highest bid wins. The more your audience engages with ads on your page, the more you’ll be able to earn from those ads.

No minimum traffic is required on your site for you to serve ads.

Yes, you’ll have the ability to block any content categories or advertisers you deem necessary. Feel free to discuss this option with your Microsoft contact to implement it.