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The Art and Science of Search + Native

September 2019

Native advertising
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Duration: 55:16

Are you looking to increase customer engagement and campaign ROI? Combining search with native ads can broaden your reach and help you connect with the right customers at the right moment.

Join us for The Art and Science of Search + Native webcast with Nikki Kuhlman, Senior Account Director at JumpFly, Katy Tonkin, Head of Media & Digital Customer Acquisition at Microsoft Advertising, and Jonathan Lim, Solution Account Executive at Microsoft Advertising, who will outline how native ads can help boost your marketing performance. They’ll also share the five winning tactics that marketing pros use for combining search and native.

Native ads blend seamlessly into the user experience, appearing as part of the surrounding media. Because the ads are seen as relevant content, consumers spend as much time viewing native ads as they do editorial content. In fact, consumers look at native ads 52% more frequently than traditional display ads. Microsoft Graph powers Microsoft Audience Ads. An audience marketing solution powered by Microsoft Graph and artificial intelligence (AI) provides high-quality native placements across devices and premium sites like MSN,, Microsoft Edge, Verizon Media, and more to come.


Nikki Kuhlman

Sr. Account Director


Nikki is a senior account director at JumpFly. She’s been doing paid search since almost the start of industry – so long ago that Overture was the platform to be on. Seventeen years later, she and her team manages 65+ clients with advertising across Google, Microsoft, Verizon (or is it Yahoo or Oath?), Amazon, and Facebook.

Katy Tonkin

Head of Media & Digital Customer Acquisition

Microsoft Advertising

Katy is a marketing leader in the industry who has recently joined Microsoft Advertising to manage the paid media & digital new customer acquisition channels. Prior to Microsoft, Katie ran her own consulting company after serving in leadership roles for 8 years at the digital marketing agency Point It (recently acquired by Add3). Outside of work, Katy is a passionate patron and supporter of many visual and performing arts organizations in the Northwest, spending two seasons as a trustee for the Seattle Children’s Theater.

Jonathan Lim

Solution Account Executive

Microsoft Advertising

Jonathan is a Solutions Account Executive at Microsoft focused on sales enablement and product development for the Microsoft Audience Network. Jonathan has over a decade of experience working in digital advertising with roles on the agency side of the business and most recently, working at Microsoft in various sales and business development capacities. He was born and raised in California and graduated from the University of California, Irvine with degrees in Psychology and Film & Media Studies. Outside of work, Jonathan loves to travel, enjoys a nice cold brew coffee and is certified as a personal trainer.

Stein Broeder

Sr. Marketing Communications Manager

Microsoft Advertising

Stein Broeder manages content for the search engine professional audience at Microsoft Advertising. For the past three years, he has been responsible for bringing over a dozen new Microsoft Advertising features and updates to market, and prior to that he worked on Microsoft’s display advertising business. Stein is a digital industry veteran having worked at large and small agencies in the Seattle area for over a decade. Prior to Microsoft, Stein help found and run a marketing agency focused on the healthcare industry. In his spare time he helps raise Nolan and Mila with his wife Chelsea. Say hello @steinbroeder.