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The Art and Science of Audience Marketing (+ LinkedIn)

October 2019

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In the past, search advertising was all about search queries. You used keywords, added in demographics, and spent a lot of time studying what your customers were searching.

Today, Microsoft Advertising can connect your data with the power of Microsoft intelligence and layer in audience targeting to help you pinpoint your target customers. But how do you know which audience targeting feature — or combination of features — is the best for you?

Join our webcast and we’ll help you answer that question. Lauren Tallody, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft Advertising, and special guests Duane Brown, Founder & Head of Strategy at Take Some Risk Inc., and Francisco Lacayo, VP of Product at White Shark Media, will cover a broad range of audience targeting solutions, including:

With features that incorporate your own data, and those that take advantage of powerful Microsoft Advertising data, you can pinpoint your target audience. With a full suite of targeting features, you can reach potential customers who meet the criteria you specify, exposing your ad to customers who are interested in your products or services and are more likely to convert.

  • LinkedIn Profile Targeting
  • Remarketing
  • In-market Audiences
  • Custom Audiences
  • Product Audiences
  • Similar Audiences


Lauren Tallody

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Microsoft Advertising

Lauren is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft Ads in the Bay Area office and has been with the company for 4 years. Prior to joining Microsoft, she worked for Assembly as their VIP of Search and Biddable. Lauren graduated from the University of Maryland – Robert H. Smith School of Business.

Duane Brown

Founder & Head of Strategy

Take Some Risk Inc.

Duane has been called an international man of mystery and digital nomad by friends. He has lived in 6 cities across 3 continents and visited 40 countries around the world. He uses his curiosity for people and love for people watching to run better marketing campaigns for clients. After leaving Toronto in 2011 to gain an international view of the world, he has worked for Telstra in Australia and brands including ASOS, Jack Wills, and Mopp (bought Sept. 2014) while in London, UK. He now lives in Montreal, Canada helping ecom brands grow through data, CRO and PPC marketing.

Francisco Lacayo

VP of Product

White Shark Media

Francisco is the VP of Product at White Shark Media and has been with the company for almost four years. Prior to joining White Shark Media, Francisco served as the Operations Director for Lafin S.A and the Marketing Director for The Reef S.A. He graduated with a Masters in Applied Economics from Universidad Centroamericana, Managua.

Stein Broeder

Sr. Marketing Communications Manager

Microsoft Advertising

Stein Broeder manages content for the search engine professional audience at Microsoft Advertising. For the past three years, he has been responsible for bringing over a dozen new Microsoft Advertising features and updates to market, and prior to that he worked on Microsoft’s display advertising business. Stein is a digital industry veteran having worked at large and small agencies in the Seattle area for over a decade. Prior to Microsoft, Stein help found and run a marketing agency focused on the healthcare industry. In his spare time he helps raise Nolan and Mila with his wife Chelsea. Say hello @steinbroeder.