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Inclusive Marketing: Optimizing business and life

February 2020

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MJ DePalma, Head of Multicultural & Inclusive Marketing for Microsoft Advertising, will share how to apply inclusive business strategies that will not only help you reach more customers, but will also provide your business a competitive edge. MJ has shared these strategies globally over the last year to resounding appreciation.

Often heard by the C-suite when leaving MJ’s keynote are statements like:

  • “I am going to completely change how I do business.”
  • “When most are talking D&I, you are actually showing how to make business impact with inclusion.”
  • “Genuine. Authentic. Real. Visionary.”

Whether you’re the head of a large corporation or the proprietor of a small business; if you’re an account director driving client advertising strategy or a performance marketer looking for new angles for campaigns; or if you’re a product designer or product marketer, you won’t want to miss this presentation.

You’ll learn:

  • The difference between Diversity & Inclusion and Inclusive Marketing.
  • The business opportunity from looking through an Inclusive Design lens.
  • How to consider new audiences you may be overlooking.
  • Our five principles for successful Inclusive Marketing.


MJ DePalma

Head of Multicultural & Inclusive Marketing

Microsoft Advertising

MJ DePalma serves as the Head of Multicultural & Inclusive Marketing for Microsoft Advertising with 24 years of business experience serving industries such as autos, retail, travel, pharmaceuticals, and telco. She pioneered Inclusive Marketing as something more than just multicultural marketing only a few years ago. She is a global speaker on Inclusive Business Strategy and is recognized by the C-suite as a trusted business innovator. Often heard from CMO’s leaving MJ’s sessions are statements like, “I am going to completely change how I do business,” or “When most are talking D&I, you are actually showing how to make business impact with inclusion,” and “Genuine. Authentic. Real. Visionary.”

Stein Broeder

Sr. Marketing Communications Manager

Microsoft Advertising

Stein Broeder manages content for the search engine professional audience at Microsoft Advertising. For the past three years, he has been responsible for bringing over a dozen new Microsoft Advertising features and updates to market, and prior to that he worked on Microsoft’s display advertising business. Stein is a digital industry veteran having worked at large and small agencies in the Seattle area for over a decade. Prior to Microsoft, Stein help found and run a marketing agency focused on the healthcare industry. In his spare time he helps raise Nolan and Mila with his wife Chelsea. Say hello @steinbroeder.