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The Download video series, Episode 3: End of third-party cookies

November 2020

The Download

Duration: 27:04

We’re back with episode 3 of The Download video series on the end of third-party cookies, from Microsoft Advertising. Change is the only constant in marketing and just when marketers thought they understood third-party cookies, those are about to crumble. So, what will a post-cookie world look like? We have our vision.

We have a feature with author Tom Cheesewright, who talks about his appropriately titled book: High Frequency Change. We also check out a product feature around our Digital Marketing Center, and how automation is changing how we manage paid media campaigns across social and search.

Our segment “The Noodle” dives into sustainability with our partners and peers. And finally, we look at Autonomy Works and how they are employing people with autism to build a sustainable business model in digital advertising.

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