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The Microsoft Audience Network is a native advertising solution similar to Facebook Ads (FAN) and the Google Display Network, powered by Microsoft audience intelligence and artificial intelligence.
Advertisers can either manage their native advertising spend with their search campaigns — or manage their native advertising campaigns separately from their search campaigns.

Microsoft Audience Network allows advertisers to run ads on a new separate network directly targeting users’ demographic, professional and interest profile native placements on brand-safe, premium global brands like MSN, Microsoft Outlook and the browser Microsoft Edge (US only).

After reading this Study guide, you will understand how to:

  • Use the Google Import tool for Audience Campaigns.
  • Improve campaign and performance management.
  • Take advantage of feed-based ads to target customers outside of search.

Google Import for Audience Campaigns

The Google Import tool connects your Microsoft Advertising account to your Google Ads account, so you can automatically import your search campaigns from Google Ads to Microsoft Advertising as well as import your audience campaigns the same way from Google Display Network.

Google Import for Audience Campaigns has the same campaign and image limits as Google Import for search campaigns. That is, there are limits of 20,000 campaigns and 3,000 images per import operation. The account limits are also 20,000 campaigns and 3,000 images.

  • Save time setting up and managing your audience campaigns. You don’t have to build your Microsoft Audience Ads campaigns from scratch. Simply import your display campaigns from GDN into Microsoft Advertising, including all images, either to get started or to manage existing campaigns more efficiently.
  • Stay on top of your audience campaigns across Microsoft Advertising and the Google Display Network (GDN) by scheduling your imports from GDN. Sync your imports automatically, including importing all your images. This helps you save time so you can focus on what’s really important.
  • Import campaigns easily
    Import directly into Microsoft Advertising online using your GDN login information — no spreadsheets needed. Schedule imports to automatically occur once, daily, weekly or monthly, and review the import history.
  • Transfer audience campaigns at scale
    Import 20,000 display campaigns, and bring over new entities, such as audience campaigns, ad groups, responsive display ads and images. 

Create ad extension

Create ad extension

Here are a few key things to keep in mind when using Google Import for Audience Campaigns:

  • Campaign placement exclusions: To import campaign placement exclusions from Google Ads, select Website exclusions in your Advanced Import Options.
  • Location targets and bid adjustments: If the Google Ads location can't be mapped, we use the parent location and show a warning during import. If there is no parent location, we’ll show an error during import.
  • Negative location targets: If the Google Ads location can't be mapped, we’ll show an error during import.
  • Ad extensions: Ad extensions will be imported to your account’s library, but Microsoft Advertising doesn’t currently support associating any ad extensions with audience campaigns. Associations won’t be imported.
  • Google Import for In-market Audiences: available to the closed beta participants in separate audience campaigns.

Performance and campaign management

In search advertising, the smaller the average position number, the greater the performance (CTR) may be.

For the Microsoft Audience Network, if your average position isn’t a number of 3.5 or smaller, you're likely not showing on our premium placements like the MSN info pane on the homepage.

You can use the Publisher Website Report in Dimensions tab or Reports tab (website URL column) to view average positions by publisher individually; Outlook may show as “average position 1” already, while MSN may be lower, so increasing your bid can help increase your average position for MSN, and ultimately performance.

Create ad extension

Note: The volume you get will depend on your targeting and bid.

Feed-based Microsoft Audience Ads

Microsoft Advertising recommends you use shopping campaigns with Product Audiences and Product feed-based campaigns for your Microsoft Audience Ads. Both offer powerful targeting and increased performance, while you get access to hundreds of millions of customers on premium sites outside of search.

Product Audiences targeting (product-based remarketing)

  • Product Audiences, also known as “dynamic remarketing,” consists of remarketing lists for products. You can target customers, based on the specific product IDs they interacted with, and promote those same product IDs to them. 
  • Updated Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag required. (Page Type, Product ID)
  • Target based on website activity.
To get started, Update your UET tag with two additional parameters:
  1. Product ID
  2. Page Type

These are required for Product Audiences and will help you target a specific audience, as you need a product ID before anything else. Choose “Product Audiences” as a targeting dimension for your Microsoft Audience Ads.

Product feed-based targeting

  • Product feed-based campaigns are audience shopping campaigns and can be used to engage customers who haven’t visited your site recently.
  • No UET tag required (although it is recommended – see below notation).
  • Target based on activity on the Microsoft Audience Network. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to identify users who are interested in your SKU based on their activity and show them the right product at the right time.

Note: Microsoft Advertising recommends using a UET tag as a great way to start if you can’t yet update your UET code and are waiting on Product Audiences.

To get started, create a new shopping campaign to target audiences with Microsoft Audience Ads campaigns. Target your feed. If needed, apply audience targeting dimensions to improve performance; start broadly.

Create ad extension


The Microsoft Audience Network is an AI-powered advertising solution similar to Facebook Ads and the Google Display Network. The Microsoft Audience Network: Audience campaign workflow focuses on how to optimize your existing campaigns.

It’s powered by Microsoft audience intelligence which helps boost performance in high quality native advertising. The Microsoft Audience Network offers brand-safe placements and unique targeting types, such as LinkedIn Profile Targeting.

Key takeaways:

  • Get access to hundreds of millions of customers on premium sites outside of search with Microsoft Audience Network.
  • Schedule and sync your imports using the Google Import tool.
  • Feed-based Microsoft Audience Ads can help improve your campaign performance.

Thanks for reading this Study guide on The Microsoft Audience Network: Audience campaign workflow. Continue studying or take the Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional exam to become certified.

Please note not all features in this Study guide may be available in your market.