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We Don’t Trust Our Gut, We Trust Data

Every time you guess, you bring bias and risk into your conclusions. That’s why every single division at Seer, from search to creative, opens up a data set before we open our mouths. “Stop guessing” is the driving principle that sets us apart from the industry.

For the average Seer client, we look at 10K keywords, 50K competitors, and 350–500K pieces of unique content to make our decisions. The sheer size of the quantitative data sets we’re looking at enables us to identify opportunities and insights at scale. But we don’t stop there. Bringing qualitative, empathetic insights to this big data is key. This means hundreds of hours mining chat logs, conducting interviews, running surveys, and user testing.

We’ve found that the best way to get teams to work together is to combine all their data in one place. This forces conversations to happen and often reveals insights that aren’t available in siloed views.

Seer, your in-house team, and your other agency partners are all working toward the same goal: helping your customers. We’ll do everything we can to make that happen.


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