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Microsoft Advertising Network policies

Disallowed content

February 14, 2022


Deceptive products and services

  • Advertising is not allowed for products and services whose purpose is to enable search users to bypass or deceive a public system, regulation, procedure or individual. This type of advertising includes:
    • Essay-writing services and prewritten essays.
    • Fake IDs: Identification that is designed to disguise the accurate age, name, or other characteristics of the holder.
    • Fake diplomas and education transcripts: Advertisements from institutions that provide fake education transcripts or diplomas or that promote web-based, unaccredited colleges that offer degrees.
    • Bypassing copyright protection: Products or services that circumvent copyright protection or products that have disabled copyright protection.
    • Evading traffic tickets: Any device or service that is designed to evade speed enforcement laws, including, but not limited to laser jammers, license plate sprays and license plate covers.
    • Hacking & cracking: Sites that provide information or services to evade or bypass security systems of any kind or illegally access or tamper with software, servers, or websites.
    • Paid to click: Sites that offer to compensate users for clicking on ads or offers or performing web searches.
    • Cable descrambling equipment: Advertising that promotes devices for descrambling cable or satellite signals.
    • Beating drug tests: Products that facilitate or promote ways to "beat" a drug test.
  • Advertising of R4 mod chips for DVD players, CD players or game consoles are not allowed.
  • Advertising for radar detectors is prohibited.
  • Advertising for radar detectors is prohibited.
  • Advertising for radar detectors is prohibited.