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Microsoft Advertising policies

Additional publisher specific requirements

February 14, 2022


Xbox Console Dash Ads

  • The following types of “endemic” advertisers are permitted without sponsorship:
    • Game publishers
    • Application publishers
    • Hardware and accessory manufactures
    • Movie studios
  • Endemic’s ads must promote, and ultimately resolve to, the advertiser’s product display page (PDP) in the Xbox store, except for:
    • Theatrical movie releases and game and application titles which will be in the Xbox store in the future. These may resolve to a video trailer.
    • Application publishers’ ads may resolve to a stream in an installed application.
    • Windows PC games from major publishers that also have games available in the Xbox store or in the Xbox Game Pass PC service. These ads may resolve to Xbox’s and/or game publisher’s sites but may not resolve to any other retailers’ sites.
  • TV programming advertisers may promote video ‘tune-in’ content without sponsorship if they own the intellectual property (IP)) and if: 1) their banner ads indicate that the video is available in an Xbox application (e.g., Watch now on Twitch), and 2) their ads ultimately resolve to a stream in an Xbox application or its PDP. TV programming ads are subject to Xbox approval prior to going live.
  • Hardware and accessory ad banners may not include additional products unavailable in the Xbox store. Additional items are permitted on a landing experience (LE), however it may only link to the advertiser’s site for purchase of these items (and not to another retailer’s site).
  • TVOD (transactional video on demand) applications on Xbox may advertise their applications but not movie and TV titles that available for sale or rent in the Xbox Store. They may, however, advertise original programming and other titles not available in the store.

Xbox Console Dash Ads - Sponsorships

  • Endemic and non-endemic advertisers may sponsor IP owned by Xbox, provided the Xbox IP owner approves the sponsorship package, as well as the advertiser and ad creative. Ad banners must clearly articulate the Xbox IP being sponsored along with appropriate branding.
  • Non-endemic advertisers may sponsor third-party IP, provided Xbox and the IP owner approves the sponsorship package, as well as the advertiser. Third-party IP is limited to:
    • Games or applications available in the Xbox store.
    • Video entertainment content, not in the Xbox store, is permitted if: 1) it’s relevant to the platform and audience (e.g., The Game Awards), 2) the ad banner indicates that the video is available in an Xbox application (e.g., Watch now on Twitch), and 3) the ad ultimately resolves to an Xbox application stream or its PDP.
  • Non-endemic ads should limit the advertising sponsor’s branding to up to (about) one-third of the banner.
  • Non-endemic ad creative is subject to Xbox approval prior to going live.
  • Except for play and win, all other pure value exchange experiences (e.g., sweepstakes, minigames, watch and win, etc.) are disqualified as standalone sponsorships. They may be included as a part of the sponsorship but cannot be the focus of it.
  • Custom landing experience minigame – only with sweepstakes, or with Xbox approved minigame (goal is to ensure enough value to user, not a simple puzzle).

Xbox Console Dash Ads – Not Allowed on Xbox

  • Alcohol
  • Gambling
  • Dating
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Sensitive Personal hygiene products
  • Political
  • Public service announcements (PSA’s)
  • Home & lawn care (laundry, garden, cleaning, etc.)
  • Paper products (bathroom tissue, paper towels, etc.)
  • Pet food and care
  • Swimsuits/Undergarments
  • Non-Windows based tablets or PC’s
  • Non-Microsoft gaming consoles/platforms or set-top boxes with streaming TV, video, or gaming services.
  • No creative promoting the retail purchase of any items that can be purchased digitally on the Xbox Store is allowed, including rentals (physical or digital). This policy is limited to advertising and does not limit what content may be available in an app (like Amazon) or an ad that promotes their App with such content.
  • No creative promoting over the top (OTT) video or music services, or shopping or social sites and mobile apps, unless they are available on Xbox in the app store.
  • No creative promoting e-commerce, social or other apps unless they are available on Xbox in the app store.