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My Moment: From an Existential Crisis to Solutions

I remember it like it happened 5 minutes ago. The moment I realized what it felt like to be miserable and un-purposeful in my professional trajectory. This moment wasn’t just related to a singular experience, it was a collective of moments that added up and caused my emotions to pour out of my face, metaphorically speaking, my thousandth cut.

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Why Women Need To Learn To Embrace Failure

Following up on our first guest blog post by Heather Cooan, today we welcome Arianne Donoghue. Arianne is the Strategy Director at Epiphany Search and a proud member of She Does Digital, a collective whose mission is to encourage more women to pursue careers in tech. We all know that societal factors play a huge…

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Align Work to Your Values: Fulfillment Will Follow

At Janes of Digital, we want to share the voices that are brave enough to start the conversation – both online and offline. In addition to our regular event panels and social media broadcasts, we also want to share stories that have an impact, illuminate new insight, allyship, and overcoming obstacles. Today we’ll be sharing…

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