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Use Remarketing and UET to help turn searchers into bookers

January 2017

Sometimes a travel consumer knows exactly where they want to go, when they want to be there, and how they want to get there. With a quick search, they are off and booking. For other consumers, their decision journeys aren’t as straightforward. They explore several options before deciding on where to go and how to get there.
Remarketing in Paid Search, in conjunction with Universal Event Tracking (UET), can help you connect with travel planners — from the swiftest to the most exploring. By adding travel planners to Remarketing lists and associating the lists with ad groups, you can present tailored ads to high-quality searchers who have visited your site during their decision journey.
In this infographic, we look at Hayden’s decision journey to escape the cold Illinois winter and head to a warmer locale. A meandering travel planner, she started by planning for a New Year’s getaway and finished by booking a February retreat. You can explore her decision journey and the Remarketing and UET opportunities available to reach her throughout her planning process.
Bing Network is here to help you — and your search campaigns — be there when consumers go from inspiration to booking. With the Bing Network, you’ll get access to 41% of travel paid clicks and to a pool of educated, affluent searchers.,
To see more insights and tips, view or download the travel consumer decision journey infographic.
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