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Showroom Logic uses Bing Ads to drive more shoppers to dealerships

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Showroom Logic drives more conversions for car dealers

Targeting the best customers

When a teenaged Rob Monson earned his driver’s license, his mother wanted to reward her son with his first set of wheels. It’s a memory he’ll never forget.

“My first car was a Camaro,” he recalls with a chuckle. “My mom bought it for me when I was 16. It was used, and we bought it from someone down the street. It's amazing how much things have changed.”

Monson would know this better than most. Nowadays, his business card reads “Robert Monson” and his impressive career is built on the back of 17 years of experience with online and traditional marketing. Not long ago, he took his wide range of strategic and tactical experience to Showroom Logic, the Miami-based technology company that built an innovative, proprietary digital marketing platform to enable clients to target buyers with pinpoint accuracy. Showroom Logic dynamically creates ads based on the inventory and assets, then presents them to customers based on search terms and demographics. While their platform serves multiple verticals, they have a large number of automotive clients that rely on their technology and service to sell more cars.

Showroom Logic’s vice president of marketing knows that somewhere out there, at this very moment, a person is shopping for their next car. And they aren’t relying on mom’s friend down the street.
Overall, Bing has shown a consistently higher interaction rate while producing a higher conversion rate and lower cost per lead.

— Vice President of Marketing Robert Monson, Showroom Logic

A tech-driven market

Dave Yovanno, CEO, Marin Software

Robert Monson, Vice President of Marketing, Showroom Logic

How are customers shopping for new cars these days? More often than not, it’s on their mobile phones. “And not just mobile in the research phase at home, but mobile inside the dealership,” says Monson. “So when they are on your car lot, they are either looking at your site, a third-party site, or your competitor’s site to figure out where they can get the best deal.”

Founded in 2009, Showroom Logic has rapidly become a leading auto industry search engine marketing company offering innovative software, services and solutions that help automotive companies generate more sales. They have created partnerships with thousands of automotive companies across the U.S., including car dealers, advertising agencies, original equipment manufacturers and more.

Showroom Logic has worked to find innovative solutions to simplify and improve paid search offerings and automotive pay-per-click advertising (PPC). “When we talk about paid search it comes down to keyword selection, ad content and optimization, and where and when we want to spend our clients’ ad dollars,” said Monson. 

“We’re working hard to keep up with the changing demands of car buyers, and doing things like putting payments in ads, which was unheard of a few years ago,” he marvels. “For every car on the lot, we can actually advertise payment terms, capturing the payment-driven shopper. That’s an extremely compelling thing, and a dealer will miss out on a good portion of that audience if they’re not advertising with Bing Ads.”

In previous roles with such high-profile organizations as Golf Channel, 1-800 Contacts, and One on One Marketing, Monson saw the value of Microsoft’s search technology. When he joined Showroom Logic, he says, “I was thrilled to hear that Bing Ads was part of their equation.”

“I’ve had a long history with Bing,” he continues. “I’ve always believed that, as a search engine marketer, you are required to take advantage of the Bing Ads platform because of the value it delivers on a consistent basis.”

The Bing Network audience drives results

Monson joined Showroom Logic shortly after they had begun using a holistic approach that centered on the coexistence of Google and Bing; the company explained to its dealer clients that nearly one-third of the population in the U.S. was on Bing, and it was a highly desirable demographic.

“What’s great about Bing is, the Bing consumer tends to be a little older and more motivated in terms of their actions; in other words, they window-shop less and buy more,” he says of Showroom Logic’s data, which also reveals that Bing Ads traffic provides a more desirable bounce rate, more unique visitors, and “stickier” visitors.

“Dealerships are always looking for a way to drive shoppers to their dealership in the most cost-effective way possible,” he adds. “When they see that we’ve had positive impact with other dealerships using Bing Ads to incrementally grow their business, they are eager to use Bing Ads as an integral part of their marketing plans.”

“We now have over 200 clients on Bing Ads,” Monson says of Showroom Logic’s dealer network. “We’ve worked very closely with the Bing team over the last year. And the great thing about that is not only did we adopt their technology, they adapted the way that the Bing Ads platform works to coincide with our AdLogic software.”

“That was a very intense, collaborative relationship that has resulted in this great value that we can now bring to our dealers,” he says of the teaming of Bing Ads with their platform, becoming a Bing Ads partner and offering transparency to dealers so they can see how every penny of their marketing dollar is spent. “We have co-built specific management and billing tools that allow us to serve our clients better.”

Bing Ads test drives traffic to dealerships

Next, Showroom Logic ran a series of tests that produced stunning results. With increased click-through rates and lower costs per lead across most client accounts, the facts were obvious: Without Bing Ads, dealers would be neglecting a sizeable, crucial audience.

“We ran a comparison test of 228 active Bing accounts and saw tremendous results,” Monson says. The test revealed:

  • an average click-through rate of 3.79% compared to 3.43% from other ad platforms.
  • an average cost per click that was 12% lower than other ad platforms, at $2.31.
  • a 7.93% conversion rate compared to 6.87% on other ad platforms.
  • an average cost per lead of $29.14.

“Those are impressive numbers,” he marvels. “Overall, Bing has shown consistently higher interaction rate while producing higher conversion rate and lower cost per lead.”

And when a Bing shopper comes to your site, they tend to purchase. “By not leveraging the Bing audience, you’re missing out on a very high percentage of qualified buyers. And for a car dealer, that’s probably the most important thing you can say to them.”

What’s great about Bing is, the Bing consumer tends to be a little older and more motivated in terms of their actions; in other words, they window-shop less and buy more.

— Vice President of Marketing Robert Monson, Showroom Logic

Driving ROI with Bing Ads

With that in mind, and with Bing continuing to grow, Monson’s job has become something akin to selling ice water on a hot summer day. Explain to a dealer that Bing delivers an increased, more affluent, more committed buyer with a higher ROI, and then talk to them about how best to shift their budget.

“Take some budget away from a radio campaign that isn’t working, or a billboard you feel has lost its effectiveness, and re-deploy it into digital marketing. This is probably going to be the most critical way you drive customers moving forward,” Monson says of such conversations with dealers. “And specifically, [I urge] them to dedicate some of that budget to developing high-quality lead sources such as Bing.”

“There is no substitute for testing your way into success,” he adds. “You should be testing all available marketing opportunities in front of you. Bing is a huge component of that because it has the shoppers you are trying to attract.” 

And in the years to come, the influence of Bing is even more likely to be felt. “There are dealers becoming much more advanced every day,” Monson explains when asked about the future of the industry. “Dealers understand that they aren’t reaching their true marketing potential unless they are tapping the Bing audience.”

Reflecting on his teenage years, Monson is amazed. “Back then, your local dealership did a lot of TV, a lot of radio, a lot of billboards.”

“What has changed is that people are much more savvy,” he continues. “They know what kind of car they’re going to buy before they come to the dealership. So now, what you need to do is personalize the advertising, customize it to where that person is in the buying process.”

“That’s what search engines like Bing allow you to do,” says Monson.

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