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Linka helps clients craft marketing masterpieces with Bing Ads

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Agency gained conversions while lowering costs with Bing Ads

The artist is in

A black-and-white image of Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” is featured on the homepage for Linka, a digital marketing agency in Brazil. Four photos into the slideshow, there it is again — but in this depiction, a bionic arm reaches across the page to a human hand.

The merging of art and technology is not just something Linka admires; it’s something the agency practices in its day-to-day business. “We are challenged daily to think, create and perform actions to develop our business and our customers’ business,” Managing Directors Eric Gomes and Lucas Burza say of working at Linka. A company culture like Linka’s can lead to masterpieces. “In all probability,” says Burza, “we’re bringing in three to four times more clients to our clients.” Like art, however, Linka’s success isn’t just about numbers. Burza adds, “One of the singularities of our agency is the close relationship we keep with the client. We end up getting very much involved in their daily routine.”

For rental car company Hertz in Brazil, this relationship has been fruitful. Linka first worked with Hertz through other agencies that managed its marketing accounts. But when online reservations became a significant source of bookings, Hertz sought direct contact with an agency that specialized in digital media. The company turned to Linka in 2010.

Another Linka client, multinational corporation Valid, has a similar story. Valid provides payment, identification, digital certification and telecommunications solutions, and has been in business for more than 55 years. When its fastest-growing need became promoting its retail offers and products online — more specifically, the issuance and sale of digital certificates — the company turned to Linka for help. Valid’s challenge, which CEO Marcio Nunes describes from the company’s offices in São Paulo, could be true for any company in the Digital Age: “We have to have brand awareness among an audience that is used to going on the internet and using social media and other tools to find information on companies, products and services.”

Whether the goal is an increase in the number of calls, the number of people visiting the website — or even the physical store, Bing is essential. 

— Managing Director Lucas Burza, Linka

Connecting people and brands

Lucas Burza, a managing director at Linka, and Valid Director General Marcio Nunes discuss how Bing Ads helps Linka bring in 3 to 4 times more clients to its clients — including Valid. Nunes explains why Valid now allocates 50% of its digital marketing budget to Bing Ads.

Valid’s challenge is Linka’s mission: connecting people and brands. Managing Director Eric Gomes explains how search engine marketing uniquely aligns to this mission. “The internet, as well as traditional media, is part of our everyday lives,” he says. Hertz’ customers, for example, “go on the internet and look up ‘car rental’ or ‘hire vehicle,’” says Gomes.

The art of paid search, however, lies not in searching for products and services, but in finding the searchers themselves. Says Gomes, “There are several tools available to find people on the internet. Based on demographic data such as gender and age, we figure out how to communicate and reach those people, how to approach them, and what the communication should be like.” The performance of Hertz’ and Valid’s paid search campaigns makes one thing clear: Linka’s good at finding people. Valid reached its target audience, opening up a wealth of untouched business, and Hertz has seen website traffic increase at a lower cost per click.

Some artists keep their techniques shrouded in mystery, but when you ask Managing Director Lucas Burza about the “several tools” Linka uses to find its clients’ customers, he is transparent. One of these tools, says Burza, is Bing Ads. “Whether the goal is an increase in the number of calls, the number of people visiting the website — or even the physical store, Bing is essential.”

Allocating the budget to Bing Ads

The numbers support Burza. With Bing Ads, Valid’s return on ad spend (ROAS) is 11, meaning when Valid invests the equivalent of one U.S. dollar in Bing Ads, it gets $11 in income. With Linka’s help, CEO Marcio Nunes responded to his company’s success by putting Valid’s spend where the money is. “Fifty percent of our budget in digital marketing is being allocated to Bing,” says Nunes. “It has brought the ROI we are seeking through the engine.”

Again, Valid and Hertz have similar stories. Since launching Hertz’ first Bing Ads campaigns at the end of 2014, Linka has doubled the company’s budget for the channel. Why? Compared to Hertz’ Google AdWords campaigns, Bing Ads delivers:

  • A 34% higher conversion rate.
  • A 7% lower cost per click.

That kind of performance matters to Digital Marketing Coordinator Danielle Okura, who joined Hertz’ marketing team five years ago. “Hertz was the first rental car company to invest in digital media,” says Okura — but not without adding that “every year, the competition gets tighter and we need to find other ways to reach our audience.” Bing Ads was valuable addition to Hertz’ Google AdWords campaigns, which it’s been running for several years.

Tools of the trade

Adding Bing Ads wasn’t just valuable; it was easy. Linka started running its first Bing Ads campaigns in 2009. For Hertz, Valid and other clients, the agency used the Bing Ads Google Import tool, which lets advertisers copy a combination of 1.5 million keywords and ads from Google AdWords over to Bing Ads, as well as up to 200,000 negative keywords, campaigns, ad groups and extensions. “We used it once, and it works like a charm,” Gomes says of importing Hertz’ AdWords campaigns into Bing Ads. “It’s perfect not to need to create everything from scratch.” Burza adds that using the tool accelerated Valid’s launch, which was beneficial because “we needed to start serving on Bing quickly.”

In its day-to-day operations, Linka’s favorite tool is Bing Ads Editor, a desktop application that lets users quickly find and update campaign details, make changes offline and upload their revisions in one click. According to Gomes, Bing Ads Editor is one of the best digital marketing tools Linka has ever used. “There is no simpler and more effective way to work with our campaigns than with Bing Ads Editor,” says Gomes, “where we are able to do almost everything very, very fast and offline.”

There is no simpler and more effective way to work with our campaigns than with Bing Ads Editor.

           — Eric Gomes, Managing Director, Linka

Going global with Bing Ads

The seamlessness of Bing Ads doesn’t end at importing or updating campaigns. Burza says he prefers the user-friendly Bing Ads dashboard, and Gomes uses Bing Ads reports to closely monitor the performance of Hertz’s campaigns and identify what’s working. Those reports point to profits. Bing Ads accounts for 5 – 8% of Hertz’ online marketing budget, but it is responsible for about 10% of total online reservations for Hertz in Brazil.

Valid plans to keep allocating at least half of its digital marketing budget to Bing Ads — “especially because we’ve seen good results,” Nunes explains. Today, Valid’s success with Bing Ads is as important as ever, says Nunes. “More and more, the company has to be ubiquitous in this virtual world, and the concept of digital marketing is fundamental for the company.”

Ubiquity isn’t far from Linka’s own goals. From their own offices in São Paulo, the paid search “artists” Eric Gomes and Lucas Burza describe Linka’s lifework: “We want to be recognized and desired by the market as one of the most important digital marketing agencies in Brazil and beyond.”

With help from Bing Ads, they’re getting closer to that goal.

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