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The data is in: Datavail's business grows with Bing Ads

May 2018

Datavail is a company of over 1,000 professionals helping clients build and manage applications and data via a world-class tech-enabled delivery platform and software solutions across all leading technologies.

Bing Ads is a valuable channel in our search marketing mix that has allowed us to reach B2B decision makers. I’m very proud of the growth and success we achieved with our partners at Big Footprint. The results speak for themselves.

— Robin Caputo, chief marketing officer, Datavail

Looking for business-to-business (B2B) buyers

The challenge for Datavail was growing its client base. The goal was finding B2B buyers looking to capitalize on IT, professional and managed services. Together with Big Footprint, a search-centric digital marketing agency in Denver, Datavail focused on measurable lead generation.

Rethinking Bing Ads

Datavail tasked Big Footprint with optimizing the company’s paid media investment and lowering the cost per search-driven lead. Aware of the growing technology capabilities of Bing Ads, Big Footprint felt that Datavail wasn’t taking full advantage of the platform. Big Footprint suggested using Bing Ads to reach specific B2B buyers at different points in the buyer’s journey. With that in mind, Datavail and Big Footprint focused their marketing spend on key verticals and audience segments within the Bing Network. They tracked ROI through customer relationship management (CRM) data.

Making the right connections

Amping up the Bing Ads investment had a powerful impact, helping Datavail reach the exact B2B buyers it was looking for. Together with Big Footprint, Datavail successfully increased leads and awareness. By the end of the campaign, Datavail achieved a 36% increase in traffic and leads increased by 40% while the cost per lead dropped by 41% year over year.

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