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Hitting the SEM jackpot with paid search

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Logical Position helps Casino Supply

Playing the right cards

Image of the Casino Supply logo showing the name Casino Supply in white text over a vertical red diamond. A teal circle surrounds then entire image as a background.

Casinos and gambling houses are everywhere, from the Las Vegas Strip to big cities, riverboats and everywhere in between. When their gambling goods get low, who do casinos call for a restock? In the United States or Canada, there’s a good chance they’re calling Casino Supply.

This Dallas-based small business sells poker chips, table felts, playing cards, dice and thousands of other items common to casinos, pool halls and man caves. “We’re one of the few places that offer anything and everything when it comes to gambling supplies,” says Jay Simon, owner of Casino Supply. “We’re also one of the few who not only sell it, but stock it as well in our warehouse.”

Opened by Simon’s father in 1983, the family-maintained business has grown from a small, casino-night party business for corporate events into a booming shop run by Simon since 1996. Casino Supply has focused on e-commerce since 1998.

Bing has brought very engaged users to the website, people who spend a lot of time checking out pages and converting clicks into sales.

Steve Guzman, senior account manager team lead, Logical Position

Busy web traffic

Every week, the 15,000-square-foot distribution center handles hundreds of orders placed online through the company’s website. Each month, the site receives approximately 24,000 sessions with a large chunk of them, roughly one-third, coming from paid search.

Getting to that point took Simon time. He had to learn the tricks of the trade. When he first started incorporating pay-per-click (PPC) advertising about eight years ago, he mostly handled the endeavor on his own. “We were a very small business,” recalls Simon. “We bootstrapped everything from product photography to filling orders, printing labels, and running to the post office ourselves.” In 2014, Simon realized the task of managing the new revenue channel was taking up too much of his time without delivering the hoped-for results. After doing some research, he turned to the digital marketing agency Logical Position to take over.

Bing Ads ‘it’ factor

Image of Matt Goff, a pale complexioned person with short brown hair smiling and wearing a white button down shirt.

Matt Goff, senior search team lead, Logical Position.

Steve Guzman and Matt Goff handle the Casino Supply account at Logical Position. Both are strong advocates for platform diversification with paid search and SEO. That’s why in 2017, they recommended to Simon that he add Bing Ads to Casino Supply’s marketing strategy.

The team started with search campaigns to lay a solid foundation. After proven success, they adopted Bing Shopping Campaigns to grow the account further. “We reset all the bids to make sure optimizations from other platforms weren't influencing what we were doing on Bing Ads,” says Goff, the senior search team lead for Logical Position. Casino Supply allocates approximately 68% of its Bing Ads budget to shopping campaigns and 25% of its total paid search budget to Bing Ads.

These are a few of my favorite things

Image of Steve Guzman, a medium complexioned person with short brown hair who is smiling and wearing a blue Oxford shirt.

Steve Guzman, senior account manager team lead, Logical Position.

For Goff, certain Bing Ads features stand out as most useful with the Casino Supply account, such as the platform’s analytical capabilities. “The ability to track conversions with Universal Event Tracking has been invaluable to us because it helps us identify if the money we're spending is generating revenue for our client.” 

Another relatively new feature that he relies on is adjustable device bids, which work well with the variety of devices available today. “Mobile traffic can sometimes far outpace computers and tablets, but the performance isn't always there to match,” Goff points out. “So, it's really nice to be able to adjust.”  

Casino Supply also has seen good results using ad extensions for its campaigns. “Being able to provide some deep links through Sitelink Extensions helps take up more space on the page,” says Goff. “I personally love being able to run branded and general search ads alongside shopping ads just so that we have multiple points on the page when people are searching.”

Using Structured Snippet Extensions and Callout Extensions to add snippets and callouts, such as fast shipping storewide, check out our new items and free shipping on $99+, entices more users to visit the Casino Supply site. “The extensions look really clean and are very similar to ad copy, making it appear more organic,” says Goff, senior search team lead at Logical Position. “And they provide the 'aha' moment or tipping point for a lot of users, reinforcing the message that we're using in the ads.”

If you're not advertising on the Bing Network, there's a good chance that one of your competitors is. To stay competitive in the market, you have to include Bing Ads.

Jay Simon, owner, Casino Supply

What goes up doesn’t have to come down

With Bing Ads, Casino Supply has achieved a great return on ad spend for every dollar spent ($8.20), a higher conversion rate (5%) and a lower bounce rate (50%).

Casino Supply reduced its bounce rate and greatly improved its ROAS.

To date, Bing Ads results have been impressive. “Bing has brought very engaged users to the website, people who spend a lot of time checking out pages and converting clicks into sales,” says Guzman, the senior account manager team lead for Logical Position.

The conversion rate with Bing Ads has been on the rise since Casino Supply started using the platform. Currently, it stands close to 5%, much higher than what Casino Supply sees elsewhere. Similarly, the bounce rate is much lower too, hovering around 50%. That’s the perfect balance that companies want to see. Return on ad spend in August 2018 was $8.20, meaning Casino Supply got more than eight dollars back for every dollar it spent in paid search marketing. “It’s definitely exceeded our expectations there,” says Guzman.

Everyone involved in paid search marketing strategy for Casino Supply agrees about the importance of Bing Ads as part of its portfolio of resources. “I think it's just crucial for people to be on the Bing Ads platform,” says Guzman. “There's such a diverse and valuable audience there that a lot of our clients aren’t targeting when they first come in, meaning they’re missing out. We need to make sure we take advantage of that."    

Simon is thrilled with the performance of Bing Ads. “Until you try it, you aren't really going to know what you're going to get out of it,” he says. “As more people start using Bing and as more devices come preloaded with Bing as the default search engine, even more people will start looking there.”

Without using Bing Ads, Simon thinks companies risk rolling snake eyes with search. “If you're not advertising on the Bing Network, there's a good chance that one of your competitors is. To stay competitive in the market, you have to include Bing Ads.” 

See the summary

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