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Scare up sales this Halloween

September 2015

It's kinda spooky how much we love Halloween — all of us, not just the kids. Two thirds of grown-up Americans celebrated this ancient holiday last year, spending a total of $7.4 billion.

That would be a whole lot of candy corn, but candy actually accounts for only about a third of the average of $78 spent by shoppers. One trend that might surprise you is the rise in Halloween-themed greeting cards: 36% of shoppers planned to buy them, along with decorations and costumes.

When you want to scare the pants off someone, timing is everything. And that's true for your Halloween search campaign, as well. This is a long, robust shopping season. One third of people begin the hunt for that perfect skeleton or adorable hot-dog costume before October. Another 43% get to work in the first two weeks of October; but 25% are still making the crucial decision between a fog machine for the yard and a moving tombstone in the two weeks before the big day. Adding Sitelink Extensions makes it easy for Elsa wannabes and everyone else to get their spook on, whenever they're searching.

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