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Recharging your smartphone paid search campaigns

April 2016

According to eMarketer, 90% of Americans ages 18-44 own a smartphone and the average American smartphone user spends 108.7 minutes a day on their phone. Yes, we are quite taken with these amazing devices that connect us to our loved ones and the world at large – all with a few swipes.

What happens when we hear that new versions of our favorite phones are coming out? We search to learn more about them, of course! With the upcoming launch of Apple’s flagship phone expected late this summer, now is the time to get your smartphone-related paid search campaigns ready and optimized for all those searches.

Shoppers are likely to search for their next smartphone on their existing smartphone.  For the 2015 Samsung and Apple smartphone launches, we found that six in 10 smartphone-related searches on the Bing Network came from smartphones. Therefore, whether you’re preparing for a launch or the holiday season, it’s essential that you optimize your ads, campaigns and landing pages for this mobile traffic.

Want to learn more about how to reach customers shopping for their next device or mobile accessory? Then view our presentation above or download it below to learn more insights, trends and tips to help you recharge your new device campaigns.

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