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Inspired by innovation in the paid search industry

April 2016

Pam Lund, President of That Pam Chick, has loved marketing since she was a kid. Now she spends her time focusing on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for ecommerce companies across the major platforms, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Bing Ads.

Pam joined Ken Weyel, Director of Business Strategy and Operations with Bing Ads to discuss innovations in search engine marketing.

Ken: What excites you the most right now about the search industry?

Pam: The best part about search right now is capturing people at the moment that they are researching, but then also at the time that they are making their decision to purchase. Now as we are moving into voice search, the way people are searching is so much different so we really have to focus more on the broad match because you don’t type the same way that you use your voice. We are a lot more wordy.

The big thing I’m looking forward to with innovation is attribution. With people searching on their mobile device but then converting on their desktop. When they are watching a commercial on TV, how that affects their purchase decision.

Advertisers are becoming a lot more savvy. They are starting to ask for specific strategies. And that has been really nice to have them more involved in the process and more educated in what they are asking for rather than just saying “go spend money.” They are coming and saying ‘this is our strategy’ and they are talking about how digital matches what they are doing offline and how that really all needs to come together.

Ken: What excites you most about Bing Ads?

Pam: My favorite thing about working with Bing Ads is how well the broad match keywords do work. Advertisers have been so focused on having a lot of control over our keywords, and being able to use broad match keywords effectively in Bing and actually get fantastic conversion rates. To use that data to do more keyword research, that’s been my favorite part.

So a lot of what we need to be thinking about is planning and being more proactive with communication with clients, rather than just trying to meet their goals and being reactive. Being more proactive is really what I’m trying to focus on with my clients.