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Agency delivers traffic and tourism with paid search

July 2016

Seventeen million people visit magnificent Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, every year. Digital marketing agency, Visibility and Conversions set up shop in the scenic locale where beautiful sandy beaches and the Atlantic Ocean serve as the company’s everyday backyard and playground (insert envious "sigh").

Established in 2010, Visibility and Conversions provides complete digital marketing solutions to companies of all sizes across the United States. Primary customers come from B2C verticals such as tourism, retail ecommerce, financial and legal services and hotels along with B2B industries such as manufacturers and healthcare technology companies just to name a few. At the end of the day however, customizing a solution for every business takes precedence over all else.

"There are so many options out there online in terms of where you can run ads and who you can target," said Corey Frankosky, paid search manager at the agency. "You really have to understand the customer and most important, what your target audience is looking for."

Frankosky handles all of the agency’s paid search advertising. For the most part, customers come to him with budgets and goals. He handles the rest. "We make sure we're front and center with our client’s customers at every step in the decision-making process," said Frankosky. "That requires not only being mobile-friendly, but also designing a seamless experience for people across devices and platforms."

Going organic isn’t always enough

Part of Frankosky’s arsenal includes social and video advertising. His main point of focus however, concerns paid search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. In that arena, he likes to use Bing Ads as a major piece of his strategy.

"Bing Ads helps us pick up quality traffic that we don’t get through organic search," said Frankosky. "We drive that traffic to our customer’s website at a low cost and see great conversion rates pretty much across the board." A main reason for people visiting and engaging with his customer’s websites emanates from Bing’s success with targeted traffic. The people that come to his customer websites are ready to convert and take action. "It’s a source of paid traffic that we wouldn't be able to replace," said Frankosky.

From a comparative standpoint, Frankosky echoes what a lot of other digital agencies share. Google Ads provides more volume while Bing Ads tends to deliver slightly lower CPCs on keywords with similar bids. "It’s common for us to have a similar keyword in Bing and Google and see an equal or better engagement and cost per conversion on Bing in some cases," said Frankosky. For example, a credit card industry client had a CPC of $20 with Ads versus the $10 to $15 delivered by Bing. Such cost savings enables Frankosky to expand the account and target more keywords. A lot of those are "push" keywords because they don’t have the brand name or location in the title.

In terms of audience, he finds that Bing tends to have an older demographic. Blending that audience with Google Ads results in a wider spectrum of age.

Now featuring Bing Ads

So which Bing Ads features does he find the most useful? Frankosky tends to focus on two in particular. The first is Universal Event Tracking (UET) and remarketing in which he bids higher for people who have been tagged as visiting a website before and shown interest. "If they go back onto Bing another time and search, we want to be there because we know that person's farther along on the buying journey," said Frankosky. "We don't want to lose out on that lower funnel traffic."

The second feature includes ad extensions. Frankosky sees better keyword quality scores and conversion rates when he can enhance an ad and makes it pop more against competitors. He’s also started working with image, callout and review extensions this year, options he believes will become a major part of his strategy moving forward.

Frankosky for one, is a very satisfied customer. "Here at Visibility and Conversions, we always recommend Bing Ads to clients who are looking to improve their results," said Frankosky. To businesses considering Bing Ads, he shares a very simple message. "Bing knows how to get results. They just get results."