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Learn how digital is impacting education across the board

July 2014

Over the last eight years, the education market has thrived, thanks to a combination of social, economic and technology trends that have sent legions of adult students back to school. For-profit universities have particularly benefited from this boom, with revenues expected to climb to $29.3 billion by 2019.

Digital’s influence and impact on education is far-reaching. Most colleges have integrated social media into recruitment while almost all prospective students have used the internet to research higher education institutions. Online courses are commonplace, with 74% of students taking at least one course with an online component. Additionally, once enrolled, students use handheld devices for academic purposes more than ever before.

Bing research shows that fall semester education clicks peak in August, September and October, while the goal of education searches varies by device. Mobile searches and clicks continue to exponentially grow, indicating the importance of a smartphone search strategy.

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