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Join retailers making mobile their top priority in 2015

May 2015

A strategic mobile advertising plan is something you can no longer afford to be without. Retailers reported an 87% increase in mobile sales in 2014 over 2013 and that trend is only expected to grow.

Since about one-third of all Bing Network searches come from smartphones, we know something about paid search advertising on the mobile platform and we’re sharing that knowledge with you.

You’ve heard the phrases: path-to-purchase, consumer conversion and purchase funnel — but what can you actually do to boost your chances of turning searches into sales?

We’ve put together the statistics to show you how important mobile paid search is for the retailer and how the Bing Network can be a powerful tool to help direct searchers to your site.

Find out:

  • Why mobile optimization is the number one priority for online retail businesses in 2015.
  • Which retail industries are growing the fastest.
  • Where your customers are located when accessing shopping-related information.
  • How best to convert a search into a phone call, store visit or purchase.

Start reaching more retail customers with Bing Ads mobile advertising. View our presentation above, download it or see the accompanying infographic to learn more. For more about digital trends in other lines of business, visit the Industries section of our mobile advertising page.

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