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An ADT worker interacts with a tablet attached to the wall of a house.


ADT secures new customers with Microsoft Multimedia Ads

Learn how this home security company reached new customers while increasing ROAS with the Microsoft Multimedia Ads solution.

March 2022

A woman at work presents some graphics to a coworker.


Partnership helps auto dealerships drive growth

Microsoft Advertising has partnered with Team Velocity to help auto dealerships thrive with an all-in-one platform for their marketing needs.

February 2022

Male office worker in modern workplace, seated at cubicle desk while holding football, smiling and looking directly at camera.


Super Bowl LVI: Capture peak spending moments

Learn about the top category trends during this key advertising period and time your campaigns accordingly to drive performance efficiencies.

January 2022

A woman sits at a desk in a workspace and types on a Microsoft Surface tablet.


Cybersecurity & antivirus insights

Search volume for cybersecurity is elevated over pre-COVID 2020 estimates, and this momentum is expected to continue through the end of the year.

December 2021


Emerging consumer trends in 2021

See how today’s consumer behaviors reflect new attitudes, values, and ultimately, new shopping expectations and patterns.

November 2021


Streaming and over-the-top media insights

Car production has declined while demand stays strong. Auto searches are surging and we expect increased demand in November and December.

November 2021


Microsoft Windows 11 launch impact

Microsoft Advertising Insights takes a closer look at the October Windows 11 launch that drove the largest Windows searches and clicks since 2019.

November 2021


Harmoney boosts loan results with LinkedIn

Learn how this financial services provider boosted results using LinkedIn Targeting. Download the success story to learn more.

September 2021


Prep for Holidays 2021: Technology edition

Learn about trends in the technology vertical this 2021 holiday shopping season. Get recommendations to help capture tech shoppers.

September 2021


The new age of Telecommunications

Learn why 2021 is expected to be a big year for smartphone purchases. Get insights on search trends to capitalize on consumer demand.

August 2021