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A man and a woman wearing safety helmets converse inside a truck.


Expand your keyword coverage for Truck Month

Learn to maximize your performance during Truck Month and prepare for volume increases with full insights and third-party research.

February 2022

Male office worker in modern workplace, seated at cubicle desk while holding football, smiling and looking directly at camera.


Super Bowl LVI: Capture peak spending moments

Learn about the top category trends during this key advertising period and time your campaigns accordingly to drive performance efficiencies.

January 2022


Emerging consumer trends in 2021

See how today’s consumer behaviors reflect new attitudes, values, and ultimately, new shopping expectations and patterns.

November 2021


Insights: Automotive chip disruption

Learn how chip shortages have impacted the automotive industry. Get our insights and strategies on adapting to this industry disruption.

September 2021


Hedin Bil fuels sales with search

Learn how a leading Nordic car retailer boosted traffic while achieving a high CTR and conversion rate.

July 2021


Auto demographic insights by purchase intent

Read about search trends for advertisers targeting consumers in the market to buy a car. Get insights to help your search strategy.

July 2021


Shopping patterns across automobile types

Learn about growth potential of electrified vehicles in the automotive market, and get insights to help your business.

May 2021


The importance of paid search in Autos

This case study highlights the relationship between branded keywords, paid search and Autos sales.

May 2021


Microsoft Audience Network: Automotive lift

Learn how the Microsoft Audience Network drives Automotive engagement throughout the marketing funnel. Get solutions to reach your audience.

April 2021


Paid search value: Automotive non-brand bids

For third party advertisers in the Automotive category, bidding on non-brand terms is crucial. We dig into why that is.

January 2021