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Microsoft’s holiday insights - 2019

‘Tis the season: set your brand apart with in-depth audience understanding and marketplace insights.

August 2019


Microsoft’s back-to-school search insights

Get the quick stats and pro-tips you need to ace your back-to-school campaign planning.

June 2019


Help searchers find your travel business

New research can help you gain more travel customers by engaging with searchers at every step of their decision journey.

February 2019


Paid search and Microsoft Audience Ads

You want more volume. Extending your search campaigns with Microsoft Audience Ads can help you reach audiences beyond search and get more clicks and conversions.

September 2018


SEM insights for Mother’s Day 2018

Plan your Mother’s Day search and PPC campaigns with data on the most popular Mother's Day searches, top performing categories and keywords.

April 2018

Young people with smoke flares and a shopping cart


Advertise ahead and last-minute for back-to-school

Get quick stats and tips to help time and budget your back-to-school search ads.

May 2017

Up, up and away with search


Connect with travelers through remarketing

See how Remarketing and UET fits into a traveler’s CDJ.

January 2017

Man and woman on couch using a virtual reality headset.


How the future of search will disrupt marketing

Get to know the new 3Ps of marketing and how you can prepare for a new age of advertising.

January 2017

Search in the name of love:  A Bing Ads Valentine’s Day mixtape


Search in the name of love: A Bing Ads Valentine’s Day mixtape

Be there with Bing Ads to promote the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Check out a mixtape-style infographic of our favorite love songs to help you make the most of your search ads.

January 2017

Power up your tax season marketing


Power up your tax season marketing

Use extensions to drive more clicks than standard text ads this tax season.

October 2016