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Girl watching a map


Get more conversions with smarter ad copy

Learn how to use ad copy testing to get more results for your campaigns in this Art of Advertiser Science eBook.

August 2017

Two girls in a shop


Optimize your data feeds for Shopping Campaigns

Learn how to set up, manage, and more importantly, optimize data feeds for Shopping Campaigns.

August 2017

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Reconnect with potential customers

Find out how Remarketing in Paid Search can increase your chances of conversion in this Art of Advertiser Science eBook.

August 2017

The Rise of Bots


Rise of the bots forges stronger CRM

Find out how modern marketing organizations are embracing bot technology.

August 2017

Man outside a coffee shop


The Art and Science of Bing Ads reporting

Discover how to evaluate ad and keyword performance, track your budget and optimize your campaigns.

August 2017

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The Kevin Bacon approach to keyword attribution

Identify which keywords are assisting in conversions, especially beyond (before) the last click.

August 2017

Two women speaking with a man in an office


The science of audience and attribution modeling

Start understanding the factors that influence your customers to take action.

August 2017

Disruptive Perspective podcast series


Disruptive Perspective digital marketing podcast

Get inside the expert roundtable on digital disruption and become a digitally-versed marketing leader.

July 2017

Woman examining shoes


Close sales in fewer steps

Find out how to shorten purchase paths, increase average order value and close more sales.

June 2017

Drive brand awareness with the power of paid search


Drive brand awareness with paid search power

Learn how to use paid search to build brand awareness with automotive customers and help boost conversions.

May 2017