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Grab more clicks and searchers this tax season

August 2016

Soon after we ring in the New Year, we fill out our tax returns and visions of refunds dance in our heads. For tax services marketers, the New Year signals the start of the busy season. Searches for tax preparation services and information start rising in mid-January, just before the tax-filing period begins. Searches continue rising and peak in the first week of February. They peak again in the first half of April in the lead-up to Tax Day and the end of the filing period.

On the Bing Network, tax season search volume grew 11% and click volume grew 10% from 2015 to 2016. Invest your digital marketing budget in the Bing Network to take advantage of this growth. With the Bing Network, you’ll get access to half of the tax paid clicks and a pool of educated, affluent taxpayers. ,
To help you get more ROI from your search campaigns, we put together the latest trends, insights and the top ten approaches for the upcoming tax season. View or download the presentation above and learn how to capture more tax season clicks.

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