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Predict purchases with AI

June 2018

Don’t struggle trying to distinguish window shoppers from serious buyers. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help marketers like you identify and target potential customers who are ready to make a purchase.

These insights from AI can help to automatically boost bids on audiences who exhibit search behavior that indicates they’re in-market for a purchase, leading to higher click-through rates (CTR) and better conversion rates (CVR). Bing Ads can help you do this today.

Find customers with In-market Audiences

In-market Audiences are ready to buy. Predictive intelligence identifies customers who have shown intent to purchase. Bing Ads then provides curated lists to marketers. We’ve found 171 In-market Audiences in over 20 audience verticals, with more coming soon.

Ads shown to In-market Audiences have up to a 28% better CTR and a 48% greater CVR. You can learn how to target potential customers in order to improve performance and increase conversions:

  1. Refine your efforts. Don’t duplicate your campaigns when you use “bid only” targeting.
  2. Take it for a test drive. Test related market segments first. 

Sign in to your account and add In-market Audiences today. This feature is currently available only in the U.S.

Improve targeting capabilities with remarketing

Bing Ads is always finding new ways to target the right audience and reach customers who are more likely to purchase from you. Remarketing in Paid Search is one of those tools.

Reconnect with customers using Remarketing in Paid Search, which is available in all Bing Ads markets:

  1. Abandoned cart? Get a second chance to close the sale.
  2. Existing customers? Offer personalized coupons with Bing Ads.

To find out more about remarketing and other online marketing strategies, tune in to the Art and Science of Remarketing.

Sharpen customer targeting with Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences allow you to use your rich, first-party audience data from sources like your customer relationship management (CRM) database to create audience segments that can’t be created easily with website activity alone. The Custom Audiences feature is currently in a global pilot.

Custom Audience segments that can be used as remarketing lists include purchase history, time since last purchase, status tier, subscriber type and more. This helps you to:

  1. Be efficient. Create and manage an audience list to use in Bing Ads and across other platforms.
  2. Boost performance. Lower your cost per acquisition while increasing your CVR and return on ad spend.
  3. Improve campaign performance. Reach the right customers at the right time.

To learn more about intelligent ad solutions, behavioral marketing and a wide range of online marketing strategies, check out the Art of Advertiser Science: Intelligent Ad Solutions webcast and the Art of Advertiser Science: In-market Audiences webcast. Let our team of experts teach you how to take advantage of these awesome tools to help grow your business.

To find out more about targeting with Custom Audiences, register for The Art and Science of Bing Ads Audience Targeting.