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Drive sales this Mother's Day with our tips and strategies

January 2015

Love your mom? Love this holiday — Mother’s Day is the third largest, with close to $20 billion spent last year, and 76% plan to spend the same or more this year.

Technology toys will be a popular gift for Mother's Day. Women continue to log onto this trend, with 80% saying they're interested in consumer technology products because they make their multitasking lives easier. Thirteen percent of shoppers will spend an average of $109 on tech for her. She'll also be gifted with the traditional jewelry (32%) and flowers (67%).

By the way, Mother's Day is not just for Mom any more. We'll shop for sisters, daughters, grandmothers — even female friends.

Like your mother always told you, plan wisely. The research and purchase process moves among desktops, tablets and smartphones. And, while 30% of shoppers will buy Mother's Day gifts online, you can also reach in-store shoppers online with Ad Extensions. Location Extensions and Call Extensions lift click-through rates by 20% or 10% respectively, while Bing Ads reaches 40 million retail shoppers who don't use Google.below.

Timing for Mother's Day purchases is nuanced, with searches for popular gift categories peaking at different times. Flip through our presentation above or download it to learn more. We've also got plenty of advice on when to increase your keyword spending, gift categories with high volume and low cost per click, and other digital marketing tips on the Bing Ads blog.

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