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Disruptive Perspective podcast series: Influencers on digital change

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In a world of rapid technological change, marketing leaders face unprecedented challenges to traverse the digital divide and meet evolving customer expectations. Join Bing Ads’ VP of Marketing, Steve Sirich, as he talks strategy and real-world experiences with other marketing heavy-hitters including executives, industry experts and digital influencers to help you navigate your marketing organization through rapid technological change.

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Disruptive Perspective: Brian Solis

Brian Solis is a principal analyst at Altimeter, a digital anthropologist and an award-winning author. Hear from Brian’s research outcomes and the effects of disruptive technology on business and society.

Listen to Episode 1: The state of disruption
Episode 1: The state of disruption

[Length - 8:51]
Brian’s years of experience nets out to a strategy for leaders to adopt a growth mindset. Join us as Brian shares the current state of digital transformation and his own experiences.


Listen to Episode 2: Meet Generation C
Episode 2: Meet Generation C

[Length - 10:41]
The increasingly connected consumer presents key marketing challenges and opportunities. Hear how you can better engage and acquire these consumers.


Listen to Episode 3:Transforming the organization
Episode 3: Transforming the organization

[Length – 9:14]
In the final installment with Brian Solis, we dive into recommendations for CMOs and marketing executives to develop an organizational culture that encourages innovation and experimentation.

Disruptive perspective: Kristin Lemkau

Kristin Lemkau is the Chief Marketing Officer for JPMorgan Chase, and was named one of Ad Age’s Most Powerful Marketers. She sheds light on the challenges facing marketing leaders today, and how you can overcome them.

Listen to Episode 1: What disruption has shaped marketing the most
Episode 1: What disruption has shaped marketing the most

[Length – 7:34]
Hear Kristin share her experience on how she strives to keep customer data secure while creating more relevant marketing experiences.


Listen to Episode 2: Permission-based advertising
Episode 2: Permission-based advertising

[Length - 8:48]
Listen to Kristin’s take on the new realities of “permission-based advertising” and how marketers can implement strategies that deliver measurable results and still experiment with new and cutting-edge tactics.

Listen to Episode 3:Challenges and opportunities modern marketers face in this world of disruption
Episode 3: Challenges and opportunities modern marketers face in this world of disruption

[Length – 8:34]
Learn how you can reap the rewards of being a marketing risk-taker and how to find the best marketers for your team.

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