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Celebrating modern moms: Mother’s Day advertising insights

February 2017

Mother’s Day is a valuable opportunity for retailers. Because the holiday crosses all ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds, 87% of Americans celebrate Mother’s Day. Celebrate modern moms, and meet Mother’s Day shoppers in the moments that matter most.

The audience you want to reach

Did you know that in the U.S. nearly one in three PC searches are powered by the Bing Network? Compared to Google, the Bing Network audience is likely to spend more on key Mother’s Day gifts, such as jewelry, flowers, cards and restaurants. Bing is already reaching your target audience. Are you?

There’s never been a better time

There’s never been a better time for retail advertisers to be on the Bing Ads platform. Create powerful Mother’s Day search & shopping ads designed to get you clicks that lead to conversions. Intelligently target the right audience using advanced targeting features. Save time with tools like Bing Ads Editor and Google Import.

It’s time to plan for Mother’s Day

Download or view the presentation to learn search trends and tactics for a successful Mother’s Day. Sign up for a Bing Ads account or get in touch with your Bing Ads account team to reach our valuable audience.

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