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The Customer Experience Quotient (CXQ) is about creating the best customer experience. In our research, we uncovered two fundamental components to creating a better customer experience:

  1. Data and insights to understand the customer decision journey (CDJ) (sum of all touchpoints with your customer)
  2. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to improve performance

We want to help you increase your CXQ with greater CDJ understanding and proven strategies to improve marketing performance. How well do you understand the CDJ? And how to apply AI so you can achieve the 'Holy Grail' of marketing — a better customer experience and higher engagement that translates into more revenue? Take this short quiz to find out where you and your organization currently stand in the CXQ journey. Answer each question as it relates to your current status, and find out which skills need improving.

Which of the following best characterizes your customer understanding?

How would you describe your understanding of your customer decision journey (sum of all touchpoints with your customer)?

What is the status of your first party data (1P) data unification?

Please indicate how you use second/third party data:

When it comes to unifying second/third party data with your first party data, we:

Does your company have a dedicated executive leader focused on understanding the customer decision journey?

Do you partner with any of the following to help in your CDJ understanding?

Now we are going to gauge your sophistication using AI and Machine Learning.
Are you using any form of Artificial Intelligence to engage customers, if so, which ones?

If you applied Machine Learning to improve your marketing performance or create efficiencies, please indicate how you are doing so:

Please select the change in your/your clients’ marketing ROI/ROAS as a result of leveraging AI/Machine Learning: