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1. Your ads in more places

Get more visibility for your ads on the Microsoft Search Network, now powering more searches in more places than ever before.

  • Microsoft Bing powers 37.7% of U.S. desktop searches.

  • Find Bing in Windows 10, Cortana and Office, AOL and more.

  • Microsoft Search Network connects with more than 200 million Windows 10 users — including 46.4 million searchers that Google can’t reach.

More targeted, more refined, better traffic for a better price.

--Alex Littlewood, CEO, Motoroso

2. Valuable audience

Start using Microsoft Advertising to reach the customers you want most.

  • Searchers who spend more: Unique desktop searchers on the Microsoft Search Network spend 30% more online than the average Internet searcher in the U.S.

  • Microsoft Advertising reaches a mature audience: 71% of the Microsoft Search Network’s audience are 35 and older.

  • An affluent audience: 54% of our searchers have an income of $75,000 and higher.

3. Product solutions

Start using Microsoft Advertising to reach the customers you want most.

What's new:

  • Campaign management tools, like the Microsoft Advertising iOS and Android apps, and a soon-to-be-introduced Editor for Mac.

  • Shopping campaigns and automated rules make it easier to buy on our platform.

  • Remarketing in Paid Search lets you reconnect with previous visitors to your website.

4. Better ROI

Microsoft Advertising customers experience real value:

Quality clicks:

  • An 83% increase in clicks from the Remarketing Audience.

  • A 44% campaign CTR improvement.

  • Family law practice achieves cost per click decrease of 9.35%.

Strong conversions:

  • A 200% boost in conversion ratio (CVR) while reducing the cost per click by 30% with Shopping Campaigns.

  • Santa Barbara Chocolate achieved a 476% increase in conversion rate.

  • A 236% increase in conversions.

  • A 389% YoY increase in conversions.

Better results for less cost. That’s as simple as I can make it. If I look at the quality of the traffic we get for the dollars we spend on Microsoft Advertising, our ROI is fantastic.

--Alex Littlewood, CEO, Motoroso

For most of our advertisers who use Microsoft Advertising, we see a higher return on ad spend and a lower cost per acquisition compared to Google Ads.

--Stefan Atanassov, SEM manager and Web analyst, ECommerce Partners

5. Top-notch customer support

Get help all day, every day at no cost.

Whether you have a question about signing up, optimizing keywords or you are looking to improve campaign performance, Microsoft Advertising is ready to help you. You can call us, chat or make an appointment.

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