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Digital Marketing Makeover – Helping Sugar Couture to Sell Tasty Treats like Hot Cakes #ppc #seo #social

In this, our very first digital Digital Marketing Makeover we’re challenged to help a cake maker from the Greater Manchester area make the very best of her PPC, SEO, web design and social efforts to help her sell her tasty treats like hot cakes!...

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Sign Up for a Free UK Digital Marketing Makeover

Small businesses are called ‘the engine of the UK economy’ yet in the last few months I have seen several small businesses disappear from my local high street. At Bing Ads we are passionate about helping small businesses find more customers and...

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PPC Back to Basics Part 2: The Difference between PPC and SEO

As we mentioned in this blog post we started a blog post series to make sure anyone is able to find information on our blog about pay per click advertising ‘basics’. When I ask people running their own business if they are investing in pay per...

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