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Bing Ads Spring Releases: Speed, Simplicity and Efficiency

This summer’s release pipeline is heating up with a steady stream of updates right around the corner. In case you missed it, here is a look back at Bing Ads’ spring releases, all of which have been designed for speed, simplicity, and campaign managers on-the-go. Home page gets a major makeover Global | Available in Web UI The fully redesigned Bing Ads Home page gives you a concise view of your account with the information that matters most to you in a single place. You can review the performance...

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Making search more valuable to our lives

When was the last time you went a day without using a search engine in some form? From those who default to them to find information or website links, to those who use personal assistants, such as Cortana — they have added unquestionable value to our daily lives and their value could become even greater. In a recent Microsoft study, one-third of people already say they believe that personal digital assistants will be as indispensable as a close friend in the future. Because of their importance...

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Free insights based on Bing and market research data

There's no denying that one of the most crucial factors in success is rooted in access to a good education. Contrary to the popular saying, ignorance is not, in fact, bliss... it can cost you dearly by missing out on valuable, time-sensitive opportunities. As Ferris Bueller once famously said, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." The same holds true when it comes to advertising. Because certain businesses have predictable times of year...

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Bing Ads PPC goal series: Increasing phone calls

How many times have you been shopping online and got to the point where you were almost ready to make a purchase, but you just had a few questions that could be easily answered with a quick phone call? After picking up the phone, how many of those calls resulted in your being able to chat directly with an actual human being, as opposed to pushing buttons through layers and layers of automated menus? If you had to navigate through those menus, how many times did you actually wind up making a...

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App Extensions now available in Bing Ads

Appification is the new norm. As consumers spend more time on mobile devices, advertisers are increasingly asking for ways to reach relevant customers and promote their apps. With millions of apps available across multiple platforms, app discoverability is the key challenge. Ads that help users discover apps account for 25 percent of all mobile ad investment. We’re pleased to announce a solution for Bing Ads customers – App Extensions! This is a simple new way to reach relevant...

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