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Optimization Quick Tips: Troubleshooting Key Performance Indicators in Bing Ads

One of the most common mistakes novice pay-per click (PPC) campaign managers make is to "set it and forget it." Although you may be confident that you did everything right, from choosing the perfect keywords to writing stellar ad copy, you should...

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Compatibility with AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Arrives this Week

Starting today, we have begun to roll out a number of features to enable better interoperability with enhanced campaigns on Google AdWords. These changes will enable Bing Ads customers that import search ad campaigns from Google AdWords to do so...

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Structuring Your Account to Use Dynamic Text – Tips from a Bing Ads Pro

It is a known fact that using dynamic text in your ad program will increase the click through rate and may even increase conversions. A crucial step for success is to properly structure your Bing Ads account to make dynamic text work for you. More...

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