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Editorial series: Trademark escalations – How to get an ID link for an ad query

Following-on from an interesting article dedicated to detailing the nuances of trademark policy, today we’ll focus on R-Links and how this element is critical to the completion of the most detailed review of possible trademark infringements. What is an R-Link? The R-Link is nothing more than the link that helps us to identify in our internal system each specific ad that appears in Bing and Yahoo Search. Why use an R-Link? Like fingerprints to a detective, R-Links are vital for the...

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Bing Ads Needs Your Help to Strengthen Our Advertiser Support

What makes a great and effortless customer support experience for you? Here at Bing Ads, we want to know. With the number of search advertisers growing each year, especially in new markets across the globe, Bing Ads is continuously trying to...

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