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Celebrate Advertising with Bing Ads at Advertising Week

Beginning September 26th through the 30th in New York City, Bing Ads is pleased to sponsor the annual Advertising Week event, a global celebration of advertising. With over 10,000 registered delegates attending, Bing Ads is proud to play a key role in the event, from our Bing Stage @ 11 Times Square, to seminars, special events and the Bing Live! Concert.
You can find Bing Ads at the following events throughout the week. Stop by – the Bing Ads team would love to meet you!

Bing Stage @ 11 Times Square

Advertising Week happens all across the city and on multiple stages concurrently. Through our relationship with Advertising Week, Microsoft’s NYC office will be a host stage, featuring a wide range of content and valuable insight for advertisers.

Bing On Stage Thought Leadership Sessions

  1. Understanding Intent in the Age of Digital Transformation
    It can be challenging to create truly innovative digital advertising – especially when the industry is in a constant state of flux. This session, featuring a panel of some of Bing’s most ground-breaking advertisers, celebrates what’s possible with digital advertising, while revealing valuable insights from some of the industry’s best.

• Date: Monday, September 26
• Time: 2:00pm
• Location: Bing Stage @ 11 Times Square
• Speakers: Paul Longo, Head of Agency Development, Bing Ads, Andrew Davidson, Managing Director, Search and Social Marketing, Mindshare, George Manas, President, Resolution Media, Jason Hartley, VP, US Search Practice Lead, 360i, & Jeremy Hull, VP, Products and Services Solutions, iProspect

  1. A Dispatch from the Future of Search
    In a world where conversations are becoming the new user interface, the deepening relationship between humans and machines is creating a wealth of valuable data. This smarter, more intuitive intelligence is helping marketers deliver exactly what the consumer seeks, regardless of channel.

In this session, we’ll share Microsoft’s vision of how innovation and the future of digital evolution is all being powered by search, and why these developments are so critical to every marketer’s success.

• Date: Wednesday, September 28
• Time: 2:00pm
• Location: Times Center Stage
• Speakers: Ryan Gavin, General Manager, Search and Cortana Marketing, Microsoft

  1. Search Advertising in a Digital Nomadic Society
    As customers move from one digital experience to the next, all while navigating experiences in the physical world, they’re joining communities where influence and reputation are better barometers of success than revenue models. What does this mean for companies and brands in the persuasion economy?

A mix of anthropology, consumer behavior, pop culture, technology and marketing, this session spotlights how marketing executives can use trends such as “Nowcasting” and search intent to model their relevance in this new normal.,

• Date: Thursday, September 29
• Time: 10:30am
• Location: Bing Stage @ 11 Times Square
• Speakers: Geoff Colon, Product Marketing Manager, Bing Ads & Christi Olson, Search Evangelist, Bing Ads  


Special Events

  1. Janes of Digital
    Janes of Digital is a stylish event, and a platform for women who work in search and digital. It is a place where all are welcome – including men. The event features networking followed by a thought provoking panel discussion on equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

    This special event is open to ticketholders for Advertising Week and SMX East as well as invited guests.


2Bing Live! Expect this mid-week concert to be the buzz of the week. .  Don’t miss it!

  • Date: Wednesday, September 28
  • Time: 8:00 pm
  • Location: Webster Hall
*Date and times are subject to change.  Please check the Advertising Week Calendar for the latest updates.