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Optimize your campaigns with our new Keyword Planner

Wondering how to find more relevant, traffic-driving keywords to lift your current campaign’s performance?  Or maybe you're building your first online ad and need help choosing the keywords to describe your business? Then there’s the question for all advertisers, new and old: “How much should I bid on those keywords to be competitive?”  Today, we are excited to announce that the release of the new Bing Ads Keyword Planner helps you address these questions.

What is Keyword Planner?

Keyword Planner is a one-stop shop for building new campaigns or improving existing ones. Whether you're a new or experienced advertiser, we hope you'll find it quite valuable.

Accessing Keyword Planner is very easy; simply sign in to your Bing Ads account at, click Tools on the header and then select “Keyword Planner.” 

 bing ads keyword planner

Why use Keyword Planner?

Keyword Planner is a helping hand when it comes to meeting your most important keyword needs: exploring new ideas, targeting and filtering, finding the profitable bid and budget and much more. 

Get new keyword and ad group suggestions with historical statistics

You can get new keyword and ad group suggestions based on terms that are relevant to your product or service, or through multiplying lists of keywords. Historical statistics such as search volume trends and marketplace competition intensity are provided to help you decide which keywords to use for your campaign.  The relevant keywords with good traffic but relatively medium or low competition should be good candidates for your campaign with a return on investment goal. You may also be interested in finding more specific long-tail keywords which don’t have much search volume, but are more likely to drive conversions.

Note: Click on any image below to view a full-size version of it.

 bing ads keyword planner

You can refine your keyword suggestions by location and network targeting, filter by historical statistics, keywords to include or exclude. You can also see your search volume breakdown by device or location in your targeted locations or down to state, DMA or city level in a visual graph to understand the expected contribution from individual devices or locations.

bing ads keyword planner

If you already have a list of keywords, you can enter them manually or upload them as a CSV file to get an idea of how popular those keywords have been, or group them into ad groups.

See how they might perform at different bids and budgets

Iterate on the bid amount and daily budget to get performance and cost estimation, including impressions, clicks, spend, CTR, avg. CPC and avg. positions to get an idea of how the keywords and ad groups might perform if you add them into your account. Please note that these estimates are specific to your Bing Ads account with the bid and budget you have set.

bing ads keyword planner

The bid landscape graph will show you the overall estimation and in the table below, the detailed estimation for the ad group or keyword is provided. You may notice that the graph is curving down, which means the system estimates your budget can’t accommodate all the clicks. Therefore, you may increase your budget or lower your bid to get more impressions and clicks.

Create a new campaign or add to an existing campaign

If you are satisfied with the keyword research results, you can add the ad groups and keywords to your account by creating a new campaign or adding to an existing campaign quickly and easily with just a few clicks. From there, all that's left to do is to create your ad copy.

bing ads keyword planner

From our pilot participants

We invited both internal account managers and external customers to participate in the Keyword Planner pilot twice in this March and July. We got some really positive feedback. They agreed that Keyword Planner provides highly relevant keyword suggestions with valuable data insights, together with a user friendly experience.

SO MANY GREAT FEATURES!!! I like the geo-targeting capabilities. This is such a fantastic tool. I cannot wait to share this with our clients!  -- Account Manager, Microsoft

It is now ahead of competition. Some of the new features in Bing’s KW planner are really helpful in creating new campaigns and expanding the keyword base for existing campaign. The tool is more user friendly now and the navigation is also smooth.  -- Bing Ads Advertiser

Get started today

What do you think? Sounds amazing, right? For details on getting started with the Keyword Planner, check out these documents in our Help Center: “How to use Keyword Planner” and “Understanding your Keyword Planner statistics and traffic estimates.”  Or, if you're the learn-by-doing type, sign in now to setup a new campaign or expand existing ones with the Keyword Planner.

NOTE: Keyword Planner has been incrementally rolled out in the US. Today’s official launch makes Keyword Planner available to all US advertisers and will replace the Research Keywords in your Tools menu.  

Comments? Questions?

We will continue to listen, so please keep the feedback coming on the Feature Suggestion Forum, Twitter, or any other avenues most convenient to you.

Thanks for reading!