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Get more clicks on a budget with Lower Bid Opportunity

If the budget you have to work with is limiting your campaigns' ad delivery, no doubt you'd be interested to learn about a new feature that could help you gain more clicks -- and potentially, more customers -- without spending more. If that sounds good to you, then let us introduce you to Lower Bid Opportunity, a new optimization feature that makes better use of your limited budget to help get you more clicks.

What is Lower Bid Opportunity?

All PPC marketers know that lowering bids can decrease your average cost-per-click (CPC), the average amount you’re charged when someone clicks on your ad. Keeping tabs on your keyword bids is an effective strategy for controlling campaign costs, but it's not always been easy to monitor and respond to opportunities for lowering bids without the risk of losing clicks... until now. If you're managing campaigns that are limited by budget, appropriately lowering certain bids can help you gain more clicks at the same cost, or even lower.

How do I use Lower Bid Opportunity?

Once signed in to your Bing Ads account, you'll find Lower Bid Opportunity on the Opportunities page, which you can access via the menu in the top navigation (see screen shot below). Getting started with this new feature is a simple, three-step process.

Step 1: Click on Opportunities in Bing Ads and check whether Lower Bid Opportunity is suggested for any of your campaigns. If it is, you’ll see an overall view of estimated clicks increase with the same cost (or even cost saving), and a total number of campaigns with this opportunity. 

bing ads lower bid opportunity

NOTE: Bing Ads will only offer the lower bid opportunities when our data has determined that there is indeed an opportunity to get more clicks by lowering bids for your campaigns. If the opportunity does not exist for any campaign at that time, lower bid opportunity will not be shown in the Opportunities Tab.

Step 2: Click “View Opportunities” for more details and to take advantage of this opportunity.

bing ads lower bid opportunities 

On the next page, you’ll see a summary table at the top indicating the overall estimated impact of applying Lower Bid Opportunity, including the total number of campaigns that share this opportunity and the estimated change in clicks, impressions, and spend per week if you were to apply the opportunity.

In the detail table below the summary table, you’ll see the suggested percent of bid decrease and its estimated impact on each applicable campaign. If you mouse over that content, you’ll find a summary of the campaign’s performance last week and the estimated average CPC change if you applied this opportunity to it now.

Step 3: Click “Apply” to apply the opportunity to your campaign. The suggested bid change percent will be applied to all bids in this campaign.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • This opportunity will be only available for campaigns that are limited by budget and meet certain criteria. Therefore, not all budget-limited campaigns will have this opportunity.
  • The estimated impact is for how lower bids might have affected your impressions, clicks, and spend in the past; they aren't meant to predict or guarantee for future performance.

For more details on getting started, see the Lower Bid Opportunity help page.

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