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Bings Ads powers Savoo to ‘Search, Save and Raise’

Today, we are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Savoo as the money-saving website relaunches its offering to become a free-to-use online fundraising platform. Search results on the new ‘Savoo Search, Save and Raise’ platform will be powered exclusively by Bing Ads through a search engine on the site’s homepage which, when used, will donate 1p per search to a charity of the consumer’s choice.


This innovative proposition of blending search and support of worthy causes by Savoo is expected to add over 60 million search queries within the year and extend Bing Ads’ breadth and audience reach. A partnership that integrates Bing Ads at the heart of the user experience; it represents the increasing growth of search-supported experiences through Bing that help better consumers’ digital journey.

Here at Bing Ads we have taken the power of search far beyond the blue links on a page, and in this instance we’ve empowered customers in a way that truly matters. By utilising search as a strategic intelligence asset to inform decisions, Savoo has been able to create a personal and valuable brand experience and add something extra to users’ online experience.

For those interested in reading more about the partnership and how Bing Ads will be powering charitable search results visit Savoo’s website here.