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Bing Ads, Bing Business & Yahoo! Bing Network: Where to Go for the Information You Need

By now you’ve probably heard the news: Microsoft adCenter is now called Bing Ads and the combined search marketplace is now known as the Yahoo! Bing Network.  If you’ve already read the announcements here on the Bing Ads Community site, you may have noticed that we’ve made a few changes to our navigation and social channels as well. 

Where all information related to breaking news, platform updates and campaign management tips was once all lumped in together on a single blog, going forward, we’re going to streamline our content to ensure that you can keep up with only the information that’s most relevant to you. 

Whether you’re a search industry professional who wants the latest info hot off the presses, a super savvy search veteran who’s only interested in release and new feature updates, or a small business (SMB) owner who’s taking the do-it-yourself route to PPC campaign management, there’s a blog – and a social channel – just for you.

Here’s a quick summary so you’ll know where to go for the information that’s most important to you:

Yahoo! Bing Network Blog, Twitter & Facebook

The Yahoo! Bing Network blog and social channels are the place to go for the latest breaking news on the search advertising marketplace made up of Yahoo!, Bing and partner sites.

Follow the Yahoo! Bing Network: Twitter | Facebook (Blog RSS coming soon)

Bing Ads Blog, Twitter, Facebook & Support Forums

The Bing Ads blog and social channels are where you’ll find the specific details about each Bing Ads platform release, deep dives on feature functionality and notices about anticipated downtimes for the Bing Ads platform.  If you have a question for the Bing Ads support staff, feel free to ping us on Twitter or post in our forums.

Where to find Bing Ads: Blog RSS | Twitter | Facebook | Support Forums

Bing Business Blog, Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn

The Bing Business blog and social channels are the place to be for SMBs; it’s where you’ll be able to find tips, advice and best practices to help you get the most out of the Bing Ads platform.  From optimization strategies to seasonal opportunities to suggestions to help you expand your online marketing mix beyond search.

Stay informed with Bing Business: Blog RSS | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

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