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Usability Improvements for Change History are Now Live in Bing Ads

We are pleased to let you know that we're continuing to invest in making usability enhancements in the Change History user interface (UI).

If you have not used Change History before, it's a great tool to better understand how your changes impacted your campaign performance. To learn more about Change History please go to this Help article, or read about the last update in this blog post.

What’s New?

1. Filter Change History grid and graph by user

You can now choose to see only the changes made by a specific user via a new dropdown menu, called “Changed by”, which lists all the users who have made changes to the account for the selected date range. When you select a user from the dropdown menu, the Change History grid and graph will be refreshed to display only the changes made by that specific user.

The screenshot below shows user filter in action:


2. Keywords grouped by Match type

Changes made to keywords are now grouped by match type in the “Changes” column of the Change History grid. The screenshot below shows previous and current behavior when two same keywords with differing match type are added:

3. Show/Hide all details for each row of Change History grid

With the a push of a button, you can now toggle between seeing and hiding details of all the rows in current page of the Change History grid. Previously, you had to click on “Show details” button for each row in the Change History Grid to see details in all the rows.


4. “All” Change Type added to the list of Change types filter values

We have added “All” amongst the filter values you can select for “Change types” filter. This enables you to quickly see all the changes without having to individually select all the filter values:

5. “Change types” filter remains visible even when graph is collapsed

Previously, when the graph control was collapsed, both the graph and the “Change types” filters were not visible. We have made changes to always show the “Change types” filter.

6. Support to export up to 200,000 changes

Previously, if there were more than 200,000 changes in the Change History page, it was not possible to export the data. We now support exporting up to 200,000 changes even if there are more than 200,000 changes.

7. Descriptive text to indicate remaining rows of changes

If there are a lot of changes that take up multiple pages in the UI, we have added more descriptive text to let you know that there are more rows of changes remaining that are not shown in the current page.

What’s Next?

Our next major enhancement will be to allow you to undo changes from right within the Change History grid, which will let you take actions inline without navigating away to a different page.

We greatly appreciate your feedback, so please let us know what you think of the new changes. We'd be especially interested to hear about your pain points and any new capabilities you would like to see in Change History page.

Questions? Comments? Leave them below, or to request a new feature, visit our Feature Suggestion Forum.