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London Search Summit looks ahead at 2013 with new functionality for the UK #searchsummit #PPC

The Search Summit at our the London Microsoft offices this Monday included news on Bing Ads, what features have been implemented as a result of your feedback and a good glimpse at what’s to come -including a demo of Windows 8 and its search app. It also had a rather abrupt ending..

Bing Ads – Developments after the brand change

Back in September we changed our brand from ‘adCenter’ into ‘Bing Ads’ , this rebrand was a small part of our effort to make it easier to do business with us. The brand change signaled an improved experience with new features to help you better manage your campaigns and complete tasks faster. We have been -and still are- working hard to make our products easier to use, examples being the recent UI refresh & many changes to the product. All these developments are aimed at making it easier than ever before for you to create, manage, and optimize search ads on The Yahoo! Bing Network. Bing is for doing!


2.6 Million unique searchers in the UK that are not reached by Google who are 32% more likely to buy

We’re not the largest player in the pay per click market so why would you spend time with us? One of the reasons why is our audience. As UK SMB Advertising Segment Lead Aaron McGrath pointed out today during the event the Yahoo! Bing Network audience is 32% more likely to be potential buyers than the average UK searcher1). ‘The audience tends to be highly interested in shopping and conducts more than average financial and entertainment research’ says McGrath.


Post-alliance, Yahoo! & Bing market share in the UK has grown to 14% to 17.2M searchers in the UK, 2.6 million of which are not being reached by Google. The recent changes and ongoing feature releases (part based on your feedback which you can give here) are meant to make it as easy as possible for you to reach this audience.

Our response to your top 2012 Bing Ads wishes

The top requests we received from customers in 2012 have been around increased efficiency, improved insights and increased volume. Thanks to our partnership with Yahoo! we have been innovating faster this year with product releases coming out monthly opposed to quarterly. Colm Bracken, Senior Bing Evangelist said ‘We want our tool to feel familiar to what you are used to with added functionality’. Over the last 12 months we launched over 20 initiatives and more than 1200 feature releases.

How have the top 2012 customer wishes been addressed?


Coming to Bing Ads UK  in 2013

Both Yahoo! and Microsoft want advertisers to be able to plan directly around our product roadmap so the audience at the Search Summit was given an idea of what’s just out and soon to come in Bing Ads:

  • Newly released in the UK: Longer ad titles, Google campaign importing ease and share of voice reports.
  • Coming very soon: Site links, read more about these here and view a video here

Kevin Stagg, product manager at Bing, showcased what search looks likes on Windows 8, including a demo so popular he never got time to show all he had up his sleeve. ‘Our search product has been around for a while’ said Kevin ‘and has quickly evolved. Building great backend technology has always been important and has enabled us to roll out across international markets and now has become much more of a platform then it ever was across many products’.

Our search product and vision: more than a collection of blue links

  • 68% of consumers tell us they want to do something. Task completion is a high priority.
  • 90% of users tell us they gather opinions from friends.

Bing search results will thus show a mix of what the web knows, what we know and what your friends know – bringing social network and search results together for the first time. In Windows 8 searchers can see different search results at once with the help of the snip functionality – keeping searchers longer in the browser and increasing engagement with the results.

One is also offered different entry points into search results as of for example the Bing and News apps. Search ads generated through the app look quite different from when you reach them through the familiar browser which did raise questions around optimization. As it is today separate optimization for browser and app generated results is not (yet) possible.


Platforms offering Bing Search in the UK today

Finally Katrina Morris, Bing UK Search Advertising Lead [SS1] highlighted how to easily import your Google campaigns into Bing Ads, highlighted the advantages of Bing Ads Intelligence (download and user guides and a demonstration video) and spoke about Bing Ads Accreditation to an interested audience before a fire alarm called an abrupt end to the day.

Links to topics mentioned throughout the Search Summit

1) Nielsen Net Ratings, September 2012